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Everybody have left long ago, but I have not moved a bit from my spot, still frightened. The bodies of two brothers are still in my sight. Why did he killed Jay? And why I killed Roy? Nothing of this should have happened. I wished that this was just a very bad dream, I will wake up and will be in the same room with both of them. But as moments passed, I realized, that all the happenings were true, every single detail is embedded in my mind. What will it take to forget these dreadful events?

I miss my old life, carefree living under my father's and Bryce's protection. Having a great time with my best friends and spending time at work. Would it be possible to experience the living, like it was before, like nothing have happened? A miracle should occur, for it to come true.

I try to move my body, in attempt to get away from this building and horrible memories that it have left. The night have taken over the landscape and not a single sound can be heard around. Where do I go from now on? I feel like on the day I left Amber. Totally lost and confused. I have nothing on me, only a bottle of water and my knife. Every time I look at it, it brings back a memory of how I ended his life. I am a horrible person, no better than E-Ono. I did the same thing, killed a young boy..... Some tears still appears in my eyes remembering his state.

All my things are in a small room back in town. Am I safe to go back? What if people looking for me are still around? I have to try. All my money is there and some extra stuff as well. I don't want to experience the moments from the beginning of my journey.

Two years later.

Again I am back in Besca. It brings back bad memories. I spent my first months in and near this town. The following years, I tried to stay away from this place, as well as from Amber. I have got less attention from people around. The posters of me have been spotted less and less. Seemed like the people after me are starting to forget about my existence. Before I had some encounters with bounty hunters, but somehow I managed to fool them of thinking, I am not a real thing.

Couple of months ago I found a dead man in the sandy dunes. He was long gone from this life. But he have left things behind. An old bike. At that moment every part of it was filled with sand. I struggled to get the machine free from the grip of a dune. Spending all night to revive it, I finally got it back on his tires. The only problem, it had no power source. Somebody else have taken a battery and left a corpse of a vehicle behind. I had some money saved and planned to buy a cheap power cell to get it going. Near a dead man's bones I noticed a belt with old electric grenades. The model of them was old, but the functionality seemed to be in line. I took them, just in case. I did not plan to use grenades, but you never know, for what you might need them.

I am heading back to town. The weather forecast does not seem to be the best for couple of days ahead. Sandstorms are about to occur and I need to get a bike in town, before it gets buried back in sand during a storm.


I find an old parts shop near the edge of Besca and buy one cheap battery. It is old model, like everything in this store. I notice a logo on it - AmberSol. It is the product of my my family's business. It gives be a little hope, as the battery might still be in good quality.

I have put a power in to my bike and try to run it for a first time. It take few tries before I hear an engine getting back it's life. Good. Now I need to take it back to town. I feel the winds picking up it's speed. It is not strong, just a breeze in a usually still air.


I have spent all day in a room, avoiding the storm outside. I cannot do anything,

on't know." Cole leans closer to me, just a small gap is left between us. "It is just he is going crazy over you."

That information gave me nothing new, just added up to the stress I am experiencing. And Cole was too close to me, I felt my personal place invaded.

"Back off!" I said firmly, trying to hide, how scared I am.

He stayed in the same spot for couple of seconds and then moved back to his spot, letting out a small chuckle, though his face was motionless.

I did not want to go back to Amber with him, now even more, as I got to know, that Cole is doing this for E-Ono. I knew, what he wanted, probably to make me face the same end as all the others of his victims. I have to do something about this. But what? I got to feel, that this policeman is stronger than any other normal human and I was no exception. I remember my small bag with insignificant stuff inside, except of electric old grenades. It would stop Cole, if the things are still functioning properly. But there was one problem. My hands are tied behind my back. No way of getting things out of my bag.

Three hours we spent in cave, waiting for storm to pass. The howling of the wind have quieted down and it seemed that storm was coming to an end. This is my only chance.

"Cole? Can you go and check the weather outside. I am tired of sitting here for hours, better get going."

He eyed me for a moment and then left the hideout. Quickly I managed to get my hands on front side by sliding my legs through them. Wasting no time, I got my bag and pulled out one grenade. He was back and I started to panic, hoping that my plan will work. I hid myself behind a crevasse next to the entrance, as he walked in. He stood and eyed the small cave, then his body nearly turned to face me, but I got a chance to throw a device on his back. Immediately electric sparks came off and Cole's body started to convulse by the shock it gave. He fell down. I have immobilized him, but for how long? I could see, it was not enough to kill him, but did the job of letting me get away, before he is back on his feet. He looked at me and said in broken voice: "If it wouldn't be for E-Ono, I would finish you off for this."

"Screw you!" I responded and searched through his uniform for keys to open my handcuffs.

I left the cave without looking back and headed back to Besca to retrieve my bike, using Cole's one for a faster traveling. Sadly I could not use his bike, as it would be obvious, to whom it belongs - to police.

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