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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 8928

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Kyra's POV.

"Roy, what is going on? You are not telling me everything how it is."

"Do you really want to know?"

I nodded. Curiosity was killing me.

"We are handling you to a man, who is willing to pay a fortune, just to get hands on you."

My heart just sunk in to the pit of my stomach. What was he talking about? Was he serious?

He pulled out a Micro-H-tab and showed me a well known picture with my face on it. It was the one with hundred million reward.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Don't say you are that stupid, to not realize it on your own. Who would not do it for such a money? I don't know, why he wants to pay so much in a first place, but.... that is not my problem anymore."

I backed away from him few steps, to get some distance, just in case. My hand moved to my belt on it's own, near a knife, that was hidden from view.

"Who is it?" I was curious to know, who is a person behind this.

"It is E-Ono."

My knees started to tremble, hearing his name. Roy flashed a tiny smirk, seeing my reaction.

Has he lost his mind? I thought he is my friend, both of them. Did they tricked me from the very beginning? Was I really so stupid to trust them?

"How long.... how long have you been planning this?"

"Couple of month. Such a pain. I wanted to get that money sooner, but E-Ono was not in Amber, in fact not even in this desert, so we had to wait for him these long, painfully slow months.

"You piece of shit!" tears were welling in my eyes. "I thought I can trust you both."

Ignoring my insult, he asked: "Why does he want you?"

"I can't tell why he wants to find me. I only know, that people in Amber want me dead."

"Why?" he continued.

"My android killed some people. An infection of other robots endangered humans. They think, that I made it all to happen. I.... have never met E-Ono in person, so I don't know, why he is after me."

"Strange.... there must be a reason..."

"You will regret for making contacts with him. I am sure of it." I warned Roy.

"How can you be so certain, if you have never faced him?"

"I have seen, what he is capable of doing."

A long pause of silence dragged between us. Then a distant sounds of rumbling came from somewhere the desert.

"They are coming to get you!" Roy stared at me excited.

Without a moment of thought, I sprung in to the opposite direction, away from Roy and deeper into the building.

The structure was not big and soon I was faced with dead end. My heart, my mind panicked. If he gets me, I have no way out of the mercy from E-Ono. I noticed an entrance in to the basement and run in that direction, not daring to look back, if Roy was s

ing than he already is.

This man was dangerously close to my spot. He neared with slow, firm and heavy steps. The soils of his boots menacingly clanging against the steal mesh beneath. Dust and brick particles were falling down from his weight and disturbance. I hold in my breath, but it made my heart to beat even louder and harder. Tears were still falling and my nose was running. I wanted to wipe it badly, feeling discomfort, but if I did, I will make myself noticeable.

All these long passing minutes, he have not said a single word. He was serious and silent type, I could tell.

He stopped right above me and my heart stopped at the same time. Somebody pushed Jay in front of E-Ono. He stumbled down on his knees and then Jay noticed me. Before he could say anything, a hard and heavy leg came on his back, sending him completely flat on the mesh. Jay let out an agonizing cry. I heard his spine crack and shivered of the doings of E-Ono. Can he be more cruel than this? Jay will be crippled for rest of his life, if he gets lucky enough to survive.

E-Ono lifts up his head, holding Jay's blond hair between his fingers. A shiny object comes in my view - a dagger. Oh no..... he is not going to do, what I think. Will he? Jay's eyes are still on me, frightened and sad at the same time. He is not screaming anymore, only ragged breaths leaves his broken body. In one motion, a dagger pierces boy's neck. The action is slow, like on purpose, making the it agonizingly painful. Blood flows out, coating steal net in dark red substance. A slow stream comes down through it, hitting the rocks in a basement until turning into huge droplets.

Jay's dead open eyes are still looking at me silently.

He is dead.

Both of them are dead.

Am I going to be next?

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