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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5753

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Roy asked me to come along to one of his exploring trips. He have found an abandoned building somewhere in a desert near this town. My friend does this to gather some valuable materials in order to sell them later.

Couple of days have passed and I have forgotten the possible threat of E-Ono. Both brothers are still planning something behind my back and I feel little bit left out. I want to be a part of their little team too.

The uneasy feeling is still in my gut, like something is about to happen. I will say, that I feel a bit safer with Roy and Jay by my side.

We walk for couple of hours. Desert is hot today and it makes walking more harder as temperature is smothering us. Roy has spent more time out and about and he is used to this deathly environment. Me on other hand, struggling to lift my feet of the ground on each step I take.

"What that place is about?" I am interested.

"I don't know yet. I saw it from afar and it intrigued me. It is quite far from town, I did not want to go alone. Jay has some businesses to attend, so he could not come either."

"You said, that he will join us. Is he going to be OK alone?"

"He is not going to be alone. Someone will bring him here."

"Oh! OK."


We have walked for an hour and now I can see a silhouette of two stories high building. It contrasts on bright sand, but I can tell, that building itself is in light colors. Getting closer, I notice, that it is made of white bricks. White paint is coming off in some places. Small square windows are scattered on the walls.

"This place looks really old." I say as we are nearing the structure.

"Yeah.... like two or three hundred years."

"Really? As old as my dad's place? Whoaa!"

ying me on the way back. Scoralus and Mane are their names. Both of them have sworn their loyalty to me, seeing me as stronger being. Not as a robot, but as human. I have not told them about me, being a machine. No one needs to know it.

Their kind values strength and power over everything else in this world.

My vehicle is meant for two people, that is - for me and Kyra. I have not found her, so the space will be taken by these two man. It will be an uncomfortable ride, as for their size, the seat is too small, meant only for one person.

I will get back to Amber and give them their own bikes, new ones, made by Braun's company. The new models do not touch the ground, so the vehicle can go over any kind of surface. It is very suitable for desert environment, otherwise it would be impossible to go over dunes. Sand would make regular machines sink and be lost beneath.

I am eager to get back to Amber and get back to Kyra. I just hope, that it is a real call and not some scamming attempt. I have put a big money for finding her.

I am aware of human greediness.

They will do anything for money, even betray their friends.

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