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Both of them were my age and friendly looking.

"You are new to here, right." one of them said and smiled at me, it seemed genuine and real.

This question again. It made me feel uneasy all over again. Being an outsider was a risky thing here, at least for me. Besca was a lot smaller than Amber and people new each other, or overall look of people around. Still with stolen glasses, my style was a lot different from others.

I did not answer, hoping they will leave me alone. I stared at the wall in front of me, but could feel the burning gazes of two man next to me.

"Don't be afraid of us. We just want to help you. You are a new thing here, an interesting one you seem. We just want to get to know you. That's all." the one on the left said cheerfully and finally took his eyes away from me, than stretched his hands up in the air.

"Yeah! It is kind of boring to see the same faces every day, right Roy." he looked pass me on his friend.

So the man on the left is Roy, with hay blond hair and green eyes.

"I am just passing through. Won't be staying here for long." I said, still looking in to the wall.

We sat by the bar for half an hour in silence. I could feel they wanted to chat with me, but I was dead silent the whole time, still hoping of them loosing interest in me.

A peace was disturbed by the rumbling of my stomach, loud enough for two of my 'companions' to hear. I have not been eating anything the whole day and now it started to demand some food.

"Hungry, aren't ya?" man on my left grinned. "Nox? give me some...." he turned back at me: "What flavor you like? Bananas, apple.... something else?"

"I don't want food from you. I can afford myself." I said annoyed.

Barman Nox placed a plate of jellies in front of me and I could not help but wince at the sight.

"Don't you like it. This is a good staff." Roy grabbed one piece and shoved it in his mouth, his face showing the enjoyment of the taste.

I pulled out the few coins I had, and started to count them. I wanted to buy some decent food, but I hardly doubted, that I could even afford a grain of dry seed. Roy peake

e you heard about that cruel bastard roaming the desert?"

"Which one of them, Sally?" said the older man next to her.

"That one - E-Ono. I heard, that he have left Amber long ago and now have returned for some urgent things, I hear. I hope, he will never step his foot in here. He kills everyone, who stands in his way, not sparing even woman. And two man are accompanying him, scary as he himself. Rumors say, that all of them are from north, originally. Huge, strong and cruel. But definitely the worst is E-Ono himself. Like he is some kind of machine, with no feelings for his own kind."

"Don't worry so much about things, that might not be true in a first place. You should stop listening the 'tales' of old people."

"I am dead serious. Will see, who is going to laugh last, after he have chopped off your head."

He is not in Amber. E-Ono is somewhere here in a desert. My heart is racing like mad, as I cannot stop thinking about him, his way of dealing with people, the memory clearly still fresh in my mind.

I have to stop and have to calm down. It is not like he is coming after me. I might never encounter him in my life. He does not know me and I don't know him - personally.

He is not after me. He is not after me. I repeat in my head.

Nothing to worry about.

And nothing is helping me to calm down.

A dreadful feeling sits in my gut.

Why Roy and Jay mentioned him - E-Ono?

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