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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7297

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Kyra's POV.

I entered the city of Besca. It was very industrial looking place, filled with factories and mines. General population was bellow wealthy, most of them appeared to be workers from establishments around. Only few people were dressed in more better looking clothing. I need to find a way to get some food and place to spend the night. No domes are protecting this city and I can imagine the drop of temperature at night. No way I am going to sleep on a street.

I was quite scared of staying here at all. Everywhere I looked, I was faced with dangerously looking people. All of them looked toughly rough and untrustworthy. I decide to spend as little time here, as possible. Then I am leaving. Where? I don't know yet. Just somewhere far away from here.

I notice a poster on a wall. The same as seen in Amber - WANTED. A shiver runs down my spine. I take a look around and quickly smash the device, destroying the picture with it. Did somebody see it? I am aware of how my look does nothing to hide my appearance. Something has to be done. I pull my light scarf higher up on my face, not that I will stand out that way too much. Some people has the similar looking outfits.

I continue my walk through the dirty, sand filled streets.

"Hey baby! You are not from Besca, right?" a young girl's voice makes my head snap other way.

She wears some dirty brown working clothing, her black/white hair tied up in to messy ponytail, little bit greasy. She looks like a rebel and I have a feeling, she is not going to be friendly towards me.

I stare at her, as she comes closer to me, a smirk playing on her face. I do not reply, hoping she will leave me alone. At this moment, I do not want to engage with anybody, until I feel little bit safer.

"You look like a rich girl.... fine skin, your hair silky, clothing not too bad either. And your pockets full with money, right?"

She came so close to my face, that I could feel a stench of mechanic oil coming from her dirty outfit. She stared in my eyes threateningly, but in some way failed to fully intimidate me. She was a foot shorter than me, as I was watching her form from above, though her attitude was brave

not much decoration is accenting the place. It is very plain. Some walls are rusty green, though the building outside is covered in bricks. This could be another factory building, if not for a bar situated in the far end of a room. Not many people are here too. Good for me. I drop off myself at the bar. A young gentleman is serving drinks to others, but his body is turned around other way and I am denied the view of his face. He turns and I see a face of a robot. He wears a nice looking white/black uniform, consisting of white shirt and black, silky west. The formal clothing reminds me so much of Bryce.

My eyes move up. His hair is short and well combed, some parts of his face is separated in panels - a ridges of them going over his face. And a slightly curved up smile at his right corner of lips. It is there and for last couple of minutes have not disappeared. It gives me impression, that he might be damaged at that part. But I might be wrong.

He gives me a small sense of security. The feeling is so odd. Before I was terribly afraid of robots, but now, I fear a contact with humans more, than with machines. How my world have turned around.....

I order a glass of water and sit at the bar, resting from my constant walking through streets. Glasses I stole are still on my face and I do not worry of people recognizing me.

Two young boys come up and take a seat on each side of me. I tense a little bit.

What do they want?

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