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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6115

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"What's the matter, Michael?" said Mia, clueless of her husband's reasoning.

She took a look in a Micro-H-tab in her lap and I saw an unpleasant surprise taking over her pretty face. Something was written on it. But what?

"Michael, she is innocent. Nothing of it is her doing. You have to believe me. Kyra just needs a place to stay in for a while. No harm will come in that."

Michael averted his gaze away from me, towards his wife: "I know, it is not her fault, but do other people know it too? Look at the money they offer. I don't want my family to be in danger."

"But.... no one will know, she is here. We.... we can hide her well."

"NO!" came his hard response. "Mia, you have no idea, how crazy people are about this and how crazy they can get for money, that's offered for her."

I listened in their conversation and did not know, when to step in or what to say. I knew, that situation in Amber concerning me, was bad, but have it gone to other cities too? And how much they want for me?

"Mia, don't worry. I will leave. I do not want to endanger your family too, because of my problems." I swallowed hard in anticipation of Michael's reaction. Mia told me, that he is a nice man, but now seeing him for myself made me question it. No doubt, towards her...... probably, but he looked dangerous in his own way. Certainly, that kind of man, who would not back off in front of confrontation. "Uhmmmm..... can I see it?" I gestured at the tablet in her hands. I was curious of the amount of money, put on my head.

Surprisingly Michael passed it to me himself, his features a bit softer, than before. I took hold of Micro-H-tab and noticed it's bad technical state. It was very old model and a hologramic picture was in bad quality. The light coming from it was dim, which made a contents harder to see. I ex

blesome as humans. They understand the place I am standing and my views and partly, they are afraid of me. I could still deal with them in same way as humans - dismember them for parts.... or kill them with brute force. All that matters is their loyalty. If they can show me their willingness to stand next to me and prove their good willed intentions, I am willing to spare their lifes.

"We have gathered some of them. What do you want them to do?" Cole says.

"First.... they need to clean up the mess they made. I want every single piece, that does not belong here, to be taken out. Glass, rock.... rubbish..... everything. This forest needs to be restored as soon as possible."

"What to do, if they object?"

"Beat them up and make them do it. If needed, kill them. There is plenty more of their kind."

"Understood." Cole responded firmly. "What are you going to do now?"

"I am planning to go out, leave the Amber for unknown time. Before that, I need to acquire a suitable vehicle for a desert. I will have to talk with Braun. I know, he had some good ideas in mind."

"And who is going to be in charge?"

"I will put my man to work. He needs a change of job." I chuckled of the thought of him.

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