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"Aww my god, mummy! Look at all these colors!" I heard a tiny voice. "I will take this one and thiiiss.... aww... a red one! I know! It tastes like strawberries!"

"Emily.... put them all back. They are not yours!" an older woman' s voice came from another side.

My eyelids were heavy and they did not want to open. I was somewhere.... not outside for sure. Underneath me, I felt a soft fabric, the air was a normal temperature, not the burning and dry atmosphere, that was out in a desert. Am I still in it? I moved my body and all my muscles hurt in process.

"Mummy, mummy! Princess is awake!"

I heard tiny footsteps approaching me and a slight pressure dropped on my stomach, that appeared to be a child's arms. I pried my eyes opened and looked around. My vision in blur, denied the clear view of my surroundings.

After couple of minutes my sight adjusted and I noticed a pair of brown eyes looking intently on me. A small girl with long brown hair was resting her head on a blanket covering me. Her mouth hidden in crooks of the fabric. I could see her being restless and trying to contain a wide grin behind her folded arms.

"Emily! Stop laying on her. You make your 'princess' uncomfortable." a woman' s gentle voice made my head snap in other direction.

"Wh... where am I?" I managed to voice my words despite the dry throat, that was killing me.

A silence and I did not get the reply to my question.

A shuffle of feet came from a corner and a woman appeared in my field of vision. She looked very young, but at the same time I could tell, she was more than thirty years old. Her skin tone was darker than mine, her hair the same brown color as of the girl beside my bed. She fanned her long, black lashes every time she blinked and two brown eyes looked at me gently. She was so beautiful and exotic. This woman did not wear a modern clothing seen in Amber, but only brown and loose fabric covered her body. Long flowing skirt concealed the view of her legs and top of the same fabric covered her upper body, but a bit tighter around her forms.

"I am glad, you are awake. Here, drink some of this." she gave me a cop to drink from.

I took it and swallowed the liquid inside. The taste was little bit bitter and it reminded me the melons, consumed days ago. But still, it was better, than staying without a drink at all.

"My name is Mia and this is my daughter Emily." a woman continued.

"Ah... My name is...."

"Kyra!" the girl still on top of me squealed. "We know, who you are!"

.... I did not know, how to feel. Little anxiety filled my mind. Can I trust the

id not want to freeload on this family for any longer and I was planning to leave in next couple of days. They have done enough for me, more than I asked for and I will be always thankful for their kindness and hospitality.

"Honey, she have her own life and things she has to do. We cannot make her stay, if she does not want to."

It pained me to see Emily's sad expression. She was so sweet, little girl.


Evening was coming to an end and moon was rising back in to it's place in the sky. I got to know, that Mia has a husband, who works in Besca and comes home time to time to support his family. He have called Mia, that he is returning tonight. Emily is happy, as he will bring some food and jellies for his family and maybe something else, if he gets enough money to buy things.


Emily is sleeping and we have been talking with Mia for couple of hours about her life and mine in return. She was very understanding and did not judge me for things, that appeared to be done by me.

A door came open and a tall man walked in. His hair was dark and short, the same shade as Mia and Emily. A leathery vest covered his chest and his strong legs were dressed in dark pants. Some parts of his outfit suggested, that he might be working in some kind of factory or in that sort of establishment. Overall he looked very strong. He eyed the room, looking at his wife and then his eyes came to me, as I was sitting on the same bed, I was spending my previous days.

His stare hardened and I got the feeling, that he was not pleased to see me here. He had a lower quality Micro-H-tab in his hand, which he dropped in Mia's lap, still not leaving his eyes from me.

"You should leave this place." came his hard words.

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