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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7947

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The thought of staying in Amber was frightening. Some crazy man have decided to take over a power. Who is he? The voice was oddly familiar, but I could not remember, who it belonged to. I certainly don't know anyone, who looks like that. No one in my group of 'friends' has a stile of him.

I have to get moving. I do not want to experience the wrath of E-Ono and other people in Amber anymore. With no one close to me left in this city, I have nothing that keeps me here. Only Bryce.... But I have no idea, where he is or is he even here.

It is too dangerous for me to stay. If I do.... I will not see another day to come.

The desert sun is hot and I am already sweating. Inside the domes of Amber, ventilation protects us from scorching heat and no one has to think about the discomfort, that sun gives. I feel little bit uncertain of venturing out in the open desert, well aware, that life in dunes is much harder, than in civilized area. I just need to reach nearest city or settlement. Will I even survive that long? Water and food I packed, will be enough only for few days.

My mind goes back to the jellies in my bag and sickening feeling fills my gut. I will have to survive on them, when my organic supplies run out. Clothes on my back stick to my skin and I start to question myself, if I took too many. Maybe I will never use them, feeling the unpleasant height of temperature.

My feet sinks in to the dunes on each step I make, filling my boots with grains of sand. I desperately want to free my legs from weight and suffocating footwear, but if I do, my skin will burn off, touching the hot ground.


I see the sun setting and the temperature around the dunes feels less deathly, than hours ago. Everywhere I look, I see sand, nothing else pops up in my vision. Am I going in right direction? What if I got lost? I see no landmark to even navigate my way back to Amber, if I change my mind. The farther I look, the slimmer my hopes get, seeing only the same scenery for miles ahead. My legs start to feel weak. I had not experienced such physical activities before, which makes my muscles stiff and powerless. I need to rest. The night is coming and I am planning to walk through darkness in hopes to cover the miles and avoid the burning sun in daytime, if I manage to find a cover or resting place.


I don't know for how long I have walk

ing? It is my imagination, a mirage. I stumble closer to it, so close, as it's wines nearly touch my feet. Three large fruits are attached to each stem. I smile, half asleep, half dazed off. My knees give in and I collapse on the sand in front of them, my hands reaching to touch them and prove to myself, it is not real.

My fingers connects with it's rough texture. Real.... it feels so real. IT IS REAL! My eyes snap open and I take another blink to make sure I am seeing right. It is. I inspect it a bit more and come to conclusion, that it is some kind of melon. A MELON! FOOD! WATER! My mind screams in excitement. I find my knife and slice through it's tough skin, revealing it's yellow flesh. It smells so refreshing and..... bitter, I realize after taking a piece of it in my mouth. I am willing to spit it back out, but it would be such a waste of REAL food and so much needed water. I eat one whole with difficulty, but my mind is happy to have found a real food, a plant, a life.


My found melons lasted for three days, but have passed four. Today I am without water and left only with jellies. I feel odd. My stomach hurts little bit and my head is dizzy for couple of hours already. At this moment I am not sure of the causes. Is it desert sun or bitter melon, that gives me this sickening feeling?

My mind gives up and I feel myself collapse on the ground, still feeling the sand burning my skin. My eyelids feel heavy and I slowly loose the sight in front of me. Long minutes pass and my eyes close completely, before a dark shadow appears in front of me.

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