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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7999

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I was still tired and made no move to leave Anna's apartment. It might be just my imagination and she is still the same old Anna I know.

I have to regain my strength and go back to my father. There is no other place for me.

What's up to him? Power is still off, it is not just technical problem, someone did it on purpose.

A quiet shriek of door startled me. I turn around and see Anna with a small bag in her hands.

"You are awake, Ms. I brought you some real food and water, what I managed to find. You must be hungry."

"Don't call me 'Ms', Anna. I am not your manager anymore, so you can drop formalities." I said politely.

I looked at the contents in her bag and saw a bun of simple bread, apple and a bottle of water. Will it last? "You did not need to buy these just for me. They are expensive."

"Don't worry. I know, you can't eat anything else."

"Do .... do you know, what's going on.... out there?"

"Uhmmmm..... crazy things. You won't like, what I will say..." Anna looked at me sadly. "Robots have killed many people in front of your family's company. All street is red from spilled blood. Nothing have been heard from your father either. No one is in sight on 'AmberSol' grounds.... only robots. They have complete control of city's power at the moment and complete power over us. I.... I am afraid to go out. And funniest thing is, that I don't know, who to fear most - robots or people themselves."

I have been isolated from all the things, while being sick and had no knowledge of the happenings in this city. Sounds like robots have taken control over humans. This is a worst nightmare for me. I can't go out and face them. I am so afraid. And what about Bryce? Where is he? Jessica told me, he is still in Amber. Where? Is he safe? I don't want other robots or people to harm him.

And my father? Was he killed too? Why the factories are abandoned? Why he left his most secure property? And Sharlene? Laura?

My heart aches, realizing I am left alone. All people I cared about, seemed to be gone from my life.

"I have something else for you. I want you to see this. Sorry, Kyra. It might be too much, but you have to be aware of the things that involves you."

She pulled out four 'bugs', that seemed to be a part of some projector device. Anna placed them on the table and turned them on. I was shocked, of what I saw in a picture that came to

g burned down. They do not understand the value of that forest. It was not just a place for me to enjoy. It was a place full with life, innocent and precious life. I have not noticed, that tears are already dripping on hot sand beneath my feet. This was a last straw. The last act to drive me away from Amber. I collapse on my knees, as I have lost all the strength in my legs all of a sudden. It hurts so much. Everything inside of me hurts so much....

A sound of static noise startles me. I notice a huge screen on a building farther in to the city behind me. A man appears in it, his eyes covered by glasses and a dark mohawk haircut decorates his head.

"Citizens of Amber!"his voice booms through the speakers. "Say good bye to your old leaders." I see him drag one of government's people closer to camera and he slices his neck in slow motion for everybody else to see. The blood spatters on the screen concealing the view of him. A wave of sickness overtakes me and I avert my gaze away from the scene.

Who is he? Who is this evil man?

I hear him continue:" Sorry for the mess! So.... I will be your new leader. E- Ono." A long pause drags after that. "I want to make things clear from the start, humans. As long as you behave and do what I say, your lives will be spared. If not..... If I face any resistance or opposition then casualties will follow. Now.... I will give you time to consider my requirements. Be good people and follow my orders. I do not want to end more unmeaningful lives." He lets out a quiet but devilishly evil chuckle after the last sentence.


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