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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5999

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I don't know how many days have past, but I have not found Kyra yet. She got away from that crazy woman, but where? Is she still alive? I don't want to think about it. It makes me sad and miserable. She is alive. I have to believe it and stick to this thought. I will look for Kyra, until I find her.

People are frightened, since the last incident in 'AmberSol'. More mellow citizens stay at homes and don't venture out on dangerous streets. The brave ones are still causing problems around. Cole is busy and government is paying regular people for every single robot, which have been brought down. It tops up my already existing anger with more dreadful emotion. We are at war at it's beginning stages. But we have upper hand. I will not let these low beings take over our life's. To destroy and treat us, as nothing more than garbage. They were lucky, I did not kill all people I encountered that night.

I was devastated and 'broken' inside after I lost Kyra and after I killed a woman responsible for her disappearance.

Power was turned back on two nights after. People were starting to starve and a lack of water supply made them dangerous close to dying. Nothing worked. No food production, all the water pumps have stopped delivering the precious liquid and other services have been off, making life's of people in mere mercy of William and me. Kyra's father is weak hearted towards his own kind in this type of situation. He could not stand to watch people suffer so much and wanted to turn on the power the following day. I stopped him from doing it. People do not deserve his pity attitude, considering, that they were responsible for Kyra's disappearance.

I will make a visit to very important people to this city today and I will have a message to all of Ambers residents. This

are off and there is no easier way up.

I knock on the door and hope she is in there.

"Anna? Anna? Are you there? It is me - Kyra. Please, open up." I say weakly, completely exhausted from the stress and physical strain put on my injuries.

Door opens and I see Anna's silhouette in the gap. I can imagine her frightened look in this situation, being in the dark and with crazy people around the city.

"Oh my god.... Ms... come in." she welcomes me politely and I am glad to hear her voice after so long time of not seeing her.

I stumble in and fall on to her warm carpet.

"Sorry Anna for intruding, but could you let me stay here for a night? I have nowhere to go."

"Sure, Kyra. You can stay here as long as you want."


I slept through the night with nightmares of someone still trying to kill me. My mind was restless, but luckily my body got some rest. I could see a sun shining through small windows. Anna was nowhere in sight and it made me little bit troubled. Where could she be?

I felt completely alone. I could not trust people anymore. Every single encounter made me question their motives and intentions towards me.

What if Anna is not on my side?

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