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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 9688

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A big crowd of people are in front of 'AmberSol" property. More than I have ever seen. They are mad, shouting some curse words and phrases, which are inextinguishable between their constant protesting. They have gathered some self made weapons to cause harm. Bottles with fire flare, raised up above their heads.

Cole have gathered 20 police robots, all equipped with guns. His appearance is cool, quite opposite of mine. I barely hold on to my emotions. I have never felt so angry and mad. Never, never before. Feels like I am loosing control of my mind, the sane part of it.

These people have gone too far. If they want war, they will get it.

I pull a gun out of robot's hands, standing near me. Humans in front are oblivious of me and my intentions, their whole focus on a building in front of them and people in it – that is Kyra and William.

I aim, not looking even where, just towards the horde of annoying humans. After pulling the trigger, a chain of loud shots comes from it.

Few people collapse on the road, all bloody and lifeless, those who stood in front of my gun. Screams erupt from everywhere. They eye the corpses and back off with fast steps – still unaware of me. They have failed to notice the source of the shooting.

I notice William standing on other side of the gate, watching the people with worry.

?Hey! Why don't you give them a little scare, William?" I shout over.

Couple of heads turn my way, finally. I walk past them, with a gun threateningly in my hand, but my focus is on Kyra's father. What is he going to do?

Before I have reached him, a person jumps in front of me. In minutes his body is cleared from my path, by my gun. His corpse covered in blood oozing holes.

This whole time my eyes have not left William. I am nearly at his gate and I feel people behind me getting little bit frightened.

Gates are closed and seems, that William is not willing to let me in. He eyes me suspiciously.

Couple of police robots have been following me from behind. I glance back and notice a view, that looks more than overwhelming. A crowd of angry people and a group of infected robots are in front of 'AmberSol's' main gates - me, in front of them all. An army of madness in William's eyes.

I take less threatening stance towards Kyra's father: "William, let me in!"

"What do you want this time?"

My hand comes up on the gate railing and I rest my head against it, looking through my forehead at the man.

"I just want to see, if Kyra is OK. That's it. Let me in." I say quietly, my voice almost a whisper.

Another suspicious glare from him and he comes closer. He opens a gate and I slip in. A horde irrupts in frenzy, seeing the gate opened. They do not care..... Do not care, even about their own kind lying dead on the street. Only blind vengeance powers them. Idiots.

I motion for Cole to clear the way. They swarm towards u

by the lack of light, but I could see her clearly. The knife was still in her hand, as she muttered something under her breath. I made my walk to her clearly audible, by making every single step extra heavy. She heard me and spun around immediately, her knife in front of her for protection. My hands clutched in tight fists, taking every step closer to her. My mind was blank, devoid of any thoughts or emotions. The only thought and feeling that was left, urged me to kill her, to make her death long and suffering. I reached towards her raised arm and grabbed the knife out of her grasp, making her scream in shock of sudden unseen contact. I circled around her for few minutes, keeping myself quiet, but still made my presence known to her.

"Who are you? What do you want?" her tone was frightened, but her voice still held an anger in it.

I was behind and moved myself quietly closer to her. In one swift motion I grabbed her by the neck and hold her tight in place. Her breathing quickened. Was it because of my heavy breathing near her ear or the cold blade of her own knife resting against her warm neck?

"Don't be afraid, human! I just want to give you a taste of your own blade." I whispered in low voice and made my hand slowly slide against her soft skin on her neck.

She let out a gasp and then I let her go, leaving her body stand on her own wobbly legs. Her neck was oozing blood, making all her front covered in red substance. She gasped for air and drowned in her own blood. I stood next to her and watched as her worthless and pathetic body was drained of it's life.

Couple of tiny lights came from other street and illuminated the injured woman's horrendous state in front of them, making gasps of fear and horror leave their mouths. The a scream came from a group seeing me nearby, with bloody knife and hand the same color, as the light source have hit my silhouette.

This is just a beginning.

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