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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 4996

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:59

Bryce's POV.

Cole have been busy for couple of days. We met few times and I explained my plan and let him handle the rest - his part of job. He have confiscated weapons from people in Amber, not like there were many. Just few are allowed to carry them, but the biggest problem, was to find illegal ones, which was successfully done by Cole's team. Now, only police robots are equipped with guns.

I have told him to keep his robots neutral at the moment, as nothing drastic and provocative have happened. People still trust police forces and more importantly, Cole himself.

We are standing on the rooftop and our eyes watch the sun set. It have become a habit for me. Living for month in Kyra's apartment, made me fall in love with a view.

?Why are you doing this?" Cole interrupts my thoughts with his monotone voice.

?I don't know. .... To feel safe, to be in control of my own life. To protect her from harm. ?

?Do you think, this will work? This kind of approach?"

?It depends of the people in the city. Everything is in their hands – their life's and safety. I just hope, they will be smart enough to realize the things that are important to them."

?And if they don't?"

?Then they will get, what they deserve, for disturbing the 'peace' in my mind."

I am glad, that humans have not gone out and made trouble on the streets lately. Some quiet incidents are still happening, but nothing serious, that few policemen can't handle.

Cole's teammates have been helping

im that way. He is still a robot and there is a programmed part of his character and behaviors, just like mine. So this is a way he thinks. Like a military robot.

He shifts away from me, as he talks with someone through a communication device. Probably another anti-robot group have decided to make a 'party'. I continue to look at the skyline, while Cole do his business.

?Bryce? There is an urgent situation at the 'AmberSol'."

My head snaps back to Cole, as I hear William's company's name.


Without hesitation I go down the building, my trusted robot following me. I hear him order more robots to come with us. He have not told me, how serious situation is, but just a location of it, makes my mind race.

Kyra is in danger and here I thought, that maybe people will come to their minds. But no, they have decided otherwise and unfortunately worse for their own kind.

I start to feel anger towards them, rage comes back with a fresh wave, I feel myself going insane.

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