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Kyra's POV.

Another boring day in a bed. I can't wait to be allowed to take a walk outside. My legs are still unstable and I am able to walk only in this tiny room without anybody's help. I have lot of places to support myself against. After some time on my feet, I can feel my body getting week and accompanying pain does not make my activities more enjoyable.

I lean against my bed and slowly move my body on it. On every single movement, that takes more strength to accomplish, makes the pain resurface. The wounds are closed and healed and I don't have to worry too much about their condition.

Another sunset behind the window. I miss my apartment and the beautiful view of the city. I miss my old life. I want to go back to work, meet my employees, to go out with my friends. A heavy sigh leaves my lungs. And I want to spend huge amounts of time in my greenhouse. It would help me heal much faster, than being around the factories of my father.

At least he have brought me a pot of dahlia from my workplace, which makes my mood little bit less depressing.

A soft knock on a door and my father comes in. He have been very busy with work and our problem with people in Amber, and he can not visit me very often. I know, he would like to spend more time next to me. He gives me small smile, as he comes closer to my bed.

"I have good news for you, honey." He rubs my shoulder and watches me with sympathy. "Tonight I will bring Sharlene and Laura to visit you. I know, I have been keeping them away from you for too long. And I see you feel better, so you deserve company of other people, other than me and a ....... ....... a ... Jessica."

A little flash of sadness and regret appeared on his aged face, but I did not know, why he felt that way.

"What's wrong? Are you OK? You seem little ..... "

"Don't worry about me, Kyra. Just some problems related to work."


An excited smile appeared on my lips: "It is great, I will be able to see my friends, dad! I can't wait to meet them. My mind will not calm down until I am with Laura and Sharlene." I laughed.

Knowing of my friends visit, made my day brighter. And I was surprised about myself being able to crack a smile. Every day seemed to be beyond depressing and I struggled to find something positive. I have to make every good moment special, as little as there actually are.

"No.. No. Don't make your mind overwork. You still need plenty of rest. I don't know, where Jessica is today, kind of late. I will ask her to give you some calming medicine for you to relax before your friends manage to exhaust you." dad's chest rumbled from his deep laugh.

"OK. See you later, dad. Don't work too hard yourself."

"I will try." and he left a room.

It was really weird. Right now is a midday, but Jessica is still not here. She usually gives me some pain killing medicine around this time. But it always is so strong and makes me fall asleep for many hours. I feel much better and I don't think I need so much of it. That is strange. I know, she wishes me well, but her behavior is odd sometimes. She is often nervous about something. I have noticed her hands trembling and lack of communication with me at times. Though, other days she seems very talkative and .... normal. I hope she is alright.


It is getting dark outside and Jessica is still not here. I am getting little bit nervous, probably for nothing. I stretch my legs and climb down of my bed. Because I have not got any medicine today, I feel the pain more


"Bryce? He... he... Was he really? Did he come....?"

Jessica nodded.

"I am so sorry. I just thought it will be better, if you not know. And I hoped he will stop coming. I thought you do not deserve such a 'man' near you. He is dangerous, evil, and violent. You do not need him. You can get someone better. I am so sorry for not telling the truth. He would be here now with you and no one would dare to harm you."

I did not know what to say, what to think. He have reached me. Bryce was aware of my location all this time and was here so many times. He was here...... It was not my imagination. I felt a slight relieve of knowing, he still cares for me and that he is safe, wherever he might be right now.

I looked back at Jessica. She was still crying, her face buried in her hands. I could not help, but feel sorry for her. She just wanted best for me. For someone, she does not know. And she saved my life, from that crazy woman.

I did not say anything, but came closer to her and hugged her tight. It looked like she is in more pain, than I am. She sobbed on to my shoulder.

A loud screech pierced our ears. Our eyes turned to the sound. That woman was running through the field towards us, with the same knife in hand. Without thinking, we were back on our feet and running for our lives. We reached the wall of the property and a gate. I knew the code and quickly opened it. Both of us run fast through them, in to the city beyond. Meanwhile, this woman was still following. The distance closing by every passing minute. Jessica let go of me and told me to continue to run. I turned my head back to look at her and saw her getting in front of the murderous woman, blocking her way. A knife came down to her and a scream left Jessica's body. This was bad. In no time this woman will get to me and kill me.

I run in between tall buildings, through streets of Amber, trying to take different turns to make harder for her to find me. But the streets were brightly lit and I was clearly visible.

Thought of Jessica, injured somewhere behind me, made my heart ache.

Than ....... blackness appeared around me...... . I stopped, shocked of the sudden change of lighting. Not a single spark was visible. Total blackness. There was no light in Amber. Everything was off. All the power was gone.

Oh my god!


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