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I have been feeling something weird lately in my body. It have never occurred before. In some parts of me, I feel pain. Not strong one, but very uncomfortable to live with. Mostly it affects my legs or arms. I have no mechanics or medical knowledge to come up with a cause.

Despite my unwillingness to visit Natalie again, I am forced to meet her. Though, I doubt she will want to help me, after the things I have done to her. But I cannot live with this new symptom. The cause is not my robot's inner system, but the SEB virus produced one. I am sure of it.

I knock on a door and wait for Natalie's response. Silence. I wait there few minutes, like my presence will summon her in some magical way. A silent squeaking of the door in front of me gets me snapped out of thoughts. Slowly door comes open, casting a contrasting light on dark concrete ground in the tunnel outside.

"Looks like you have acquired some manners all of so sudden?" Natalie stated, as she looked at me. Her voice quiet and little bit depressed. "You have never knocked on my door before. ..... Come in."

She gestured for me to enter her hideout, while not looking at me and walked deeper in to the room. "I knew you will come back. What is a problem?"

It looked like she has a clear understanding of the reason I came back to her, but pretended to play dumb.

"I experience pain in my body. I want you to fix me." I said confidently, but keeping my voice threat free, as I demanded her help.

"I cannot fix it, Bryce. What hurts in you, is a human part of you. You need medical treatment. Our bodies can't be fixed the same way as robots."

"Then treat it."

"Come here." she invited me in her laboratory.

After pulling out a container from one of the cabinets, Natalie took a syringe with transparent liquid in it. With it, she came back to me and gently got hold of my arm, pulling the sleeve of my jacket up. I watched every single move of her. I wanted to trust her this time, but some part of me kept me from doing it. She is still a human, a witty one. As a needle connected with my skin, I pulled back my arm.

"What is it? I will not allow you to experiment with my body, while not knowing, what you have in mind."

"Calm down, Bryce. I just want to help you. I said before, that at some point your newly formed muscles will require nutrients to grow and function properly. That's why you experience pain right now. You need food. This will help you." she showed me a syringe. "I made this while you were gone, knowing the time will come, when you will need it. A concentration of nutrients and substances to keep your living body alive. It must be delivered through your blood system. Now.... give me your hand."

I hesitantly gave in. Natalie injected the liquid in to my blood stream.

"When it will start to work?"

"It will get absorbed slowly. You will need more of these."

"Can I not live

ke bullets are still attached to his chest limiting his movements. I have to get them off, before he dies.

It sounds so strange. A concept of a robot dying, it is not like he is alive, like a living thing.

I take my whole courage and pull the bulletproof vest away from his body. I drop it on a side as fast as possible to avoid the electric charge touching my body. Cole lies on the gravel and few twitches comes from his body. After couple of minutes he sleeps still on his back watching the sky above him.

"You should have seen your face, Bryce!" Cole let out a barely audible laugh. "Where you really that scared?" now he looked at me through a corner of his eyes.

"Shut up. I told you before. I need you. I could not let my plan drop dead on a street."

I took a moment to calm myself. Cole on other hand looked like nothing happened to him. The whole situation did not affect him in any way. Maybe I am wrong. He might not have these kind of emotions yet. Does he have any at all?

"Who was she?" I wanted to know, how situation like this escalated.

"A random citizen. You could call her a bounty hunter now. It appears someone from the government is paying people to eliminate robots in Amber." A long pause dragged as Cole was in his own thoughts. "Not only infected ones, but regular robots too. They are hunting us. I can not believe myself for being so naive."

He pulled himself up and walked pass me, heading in the direction of the stairs leading down.

"Where are you going?" I asked seeing him leaving the place of incident like nothing happened.

"To fulfill my duty. I have to do something about this."

As he have reached the stairwell, Cole stopped again. His bare back turned against me, his head high up, like always.

"No one have ever cared, what happens to me. It feels strange and foreign to see, I have a place other than being a part of a law force, whatever that place might be.... "

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