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?I think, you have been looking for me." I said.

He stared me down, his expression deadly serious. I expected him to be more emotional outwards, but seems like it is not his thing. Cole still has that robot like aura. His eyes and rest of the face don't give away any hint of his possible thoughts or feelings. Quite opposite of me. Maybe the SEB virus have not progressed so far for him to behave like me.

But his stance and body language tells a different story about him. I noticed it even before he got infected. Confidence, bravery, arrogance is radiating from him. His loyalty to his superiors and a strong sense of duty.

?How do you feel?" sarcasm seeps through my question and I wonder, will he be able to understand the meaning behind it.

?Nothing special." was Cole's blank statement, his face still dead as a rock.

?You know, this is a first time meeting someone like you, someone so similar to me." a small smirk appears on my lips.

?I would like to point out – we are nothing like each other." another sharp response came from him. ?Did you come to confront me?"

?Yes!" I went straight to the point. He did not seem to be a chatty type and I liked to get things done straight away too.

?You are stupid. Do you not like your newly acquired freedom? You will lose it, for being here, for makin


?It is in your best interests, Cole. Do you know, why people are making trouble around the city? They are afraid. And you know from what? Infected robots. And believe me, people will do anything to get rid of them. AND I want to remind you something.... as it have slipped through your memory. You are one of them. You are infected. When they will discover, that their beloved and trusted police sergeant is one of them, people will not hesitate to eliminate you. If you don't want to end up as a part of ... a toaster.... later in your life, than better consider my convenient offer. It is better for you and everybody else. Believe me." I said the last sentence with a wicked smile on my lips.

Cole went silent. I decided not to linger here anymore and released my grip on him. Without looking back at him, I left the small building.

I hope he will accept my request.

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