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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7226

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:57

Kyra's POV.

I felt the warmth overtaking me. It felt so good and made me want to stay like this forever.

There was a presence near me.

My eyes did not want to open.

I did not hear anything – complete silence. Who was here and where was I? My mind was hazy and I tried to remember, what happened. Nothing came to my memory. It is better to not to try remember anything for a moment, as it makes me tired. My whole body feels limp and weak, even my brain has lost all the strength to produce a complicated thought.

After a long break, I try to open my eyes again. The need to know my surroundings have been nagging me for last couple of minutes and I could not get myself back into the relaxing sleep. My eyelids were heavy, weak – the same like rest of me.

Finally I pried them open, but the bright light denied the view of anything around me. I blinked, blinked again. My sight seemed to adjust slowly and I could see an orange haze on top of buildings. I could not make out the details, because of the heavy blur in my vision, but it seemed like older type of structures. Where was I? I turned my head sideways to escape the piercing light. It still hurt my eyes. They started to become teary.

A sound of footsteps near startled me, but my body's reaction was invisible, like I had no control over it. A dark, tall shadow slowly exited the room. I opened my mouth, but it was already too late. He left, whoever it was. My throat was dry and no sound came out.

Who was this person near me all these passing minutes? It was a man, a tall and strongly built one. Could it be ..... Bryce? Is he here?

I struggled to voice the words, that wanted so desperately burst out of me, but all I could give was a dry whisper. As my muscles tensed from desperation to get Bryce's attention, a strong pain shot through my body. It made me fall back in to the sheets, though, I had barely lifted my body at all. A slight panic started to eat me at the thought of disappearing Bryce. I wanted to see him.

A young girl came in quietly. She had dark blond hair, tied in a ponytail. White, fitting uniform accented her curvy body. Her face was a mixture of

his daily routine, the places he visits and also people he is 'close' to.

Kyra is still in deep sleep due to her injuries. It is been two weeks already and she have not shown the slightest sign, which would indicate, that she will wake up soon. The nurse is still with her, every minute. Always giving me a look of disapproval, mixed with her fear of me.

Right now, I am at the quieter part of town, near a police office, but no law forces in sight. The tiny building is empty, except for one – Sergeant Cole. A perfect place to give him my message. I walk determined towards the building and step in to the relatively small lobby area. The lights are dimmed to save the energy, making a scene right out of horror movie. He is not in sight at the moment. I take my position in the middle of reception area and patiently wait for him. This will be the first time - me and him – face to face. I am kind of excited to see his reaction, if he will have any, though.

I can hear footsteps coming from one of the darker lit corridors. My hooded jacket still covers my head casting a dark, menacing shadow on my face. My stance is firm, but at the same time casual looking, my hands in pockets of my pants.

Cole's form appears in the hallway and then he stops, noticing me. I can see, he has a clear understanding, who I am. But does he know, why I am here?

?I think you have been looking for me." my deep voice fills the empty room.

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