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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6867

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The front of the police station was busy. Groups of people were gathered, making a scene in front of the double sliding glass doors. It was nighttime and all the present policemen were robot ones, but now they carried guns with them. I could clearly see, that people were not in friendly mood and the armed policemen gave them a little thought of backing off and reconsidering their actions. They were not criminals, just regular citizens, but very angry ones.

The person I was looking for was not there and I felt little bit disappointed. I wanted to see him. Just a little glance would be OK for me. Maybe he was somewhere inside, but the horde of people denied the view. I was hiding myself behind a corner of a building nearby. I was safe.

At the moment I decided to leave the scene. A couple of gunshots came from a police quarters and screams of people erupted from a crowd. My head turned back and I saw humans backing off. A gun pointed up in the air between them. As the more people cleared the way, I noticed a policeman standing in the middle. Black clothing covered his body. His whole appearance was different from others. Confident, little bit arrogant, his stance steady and firm. It was him - Sergeant Cole. I recognize his face. He makes everybody shut their mouths. He says something and puts his gun back in his belt.

Cole eyes the surroundings and then our eyes lock. He stares at me for the minute, but then takes his attention back to people surrounding him. It was strange. I am sure he recognized me, by the way he looked at me, but did nothing to come to get me. I will not provoke the fate any longer. I leave my spot and decide to head back to the hideout.

Its been few days, since I stepped my foot in underground system. The darkness cloaked me, as I navigated the path that lead to Natalie.

I opened the door of her living space. She was not there. After a couple of seconds Natalie barged in, coming from her laboratory, almost knocking herself out from the collision with me.

"Where the hell have you been?"

k on his track. Did he got it? For a second, he looked to be completely switched off. Did it work? Did he get the virus? The uncertainty is killing me right now.

A gunshot, than another one comes from the station. Few people run out the building terrified. As I can't take hold of my curiosity anymore, I decide to walk past the glass doors, to at least see something. I am complete moron at this moment, but I have to know.....

As I pass by, the door opens and inside I see ..... Cole pointing his gun at the other robot. On his head my virus transporting machine is fixed his position strongly. Than in one leap, the spider leaps on to Cole. Crawls over him and stays for few seconds on the back of his head.

As sensing my presence, the tiny robot releases him and runs out the station. I quickly walk in to the alley right on the corner. The robot have followed me. I pick him up and put him in my pocket. He cuddles back in to a ball. Luckily no one noticed where he went, but the most important thing was, that he got hold of Cole. Now.... just a waiting game....

I am little bit surprised, that this tiny robot recognized me. I thought this will be the last time I will have him, but luckily, he was smart enough to escape the danger and return to me. Without his SEB infected mind, he would be gone, destroyed by one of the bullets in police station.

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