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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5614

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I have passed the guards and were heading to see Kyra again. On the bridge, connecting the front building, I saw a man standing and watching me. It was William. There was a moment of stare down, until he decided to leave. So, it seems he is somewhat OK with me being in his property. If that is so, than I consider this a safe place for myself too. No need to worry for someone noticing or recognizing me. I am glad he have made that kind of decision.

I walk in Kyra's room. She is still unconscious. How many days have been, since she was taken here? Who knows. I just want to see her back on her feet, to see her lovely eyes. I haven't talked to her since I attacked her. How is she going to react, seeing me beside her, after waking up? Will she be scared of me? Angry? Does she even want to see me? I am nervous of our first encounter on the day she opens her eyes. I want her to know, that I will never hurt her again, never. I need her forgiveness, but now I cannot get it. I have to wait - patiently.

Jessica is already here. I see her working on machines next to the bed. She notices me, as before, slightly terrified seeing me. I don't blame her. I can imagine for smaller human, being around the me - at this point well known murderous machine, is a scary and a thing to be wary about. Jessica finishes her work on machinery with trembling hands. Then she leaves me in a room alone to be with my owner.

Kyra looks the same like day before. Like a living corpse, pale unmoving. The only indication she is alive, is her barely visible chest - rising up and down. I pull myself close to her face, her breath fans my lips, coming from her slightly parted dry lips. With

icemen. One particular title caught my attention - sergeant Cole (M-89). He did not look like other robot police workers. He even wasn't a model from MELAXO. But the most surprising thing was his position in police ranking. I thought, that human would be in charge of other robots, but it seemed not to be the case. I need to see him. He looks formidable even for my standards.

I decide to go straight to main police station. The deep curiosity taking over my mind. It is a stupid idea, as all of them probably are looking for me, but I will make sure to stay hidden and out of sight. Especially from robot policemen.

Amber tonight is calm and there are almost no people on the streets. I have heard from nights before, that people are getting weary of being outside at nighttime. They are afraid to stumble on to some infected robots. Like there were any. I have not seen them, though, I would like to. I want to see, how it affects the others. Maybe north Amber is a place I have to go to meet them. With the new emotions, robots might be scared of being in the center of the city, full with skillful policemen.

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