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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6639

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I could not believe my eyes. She was here, right in front of me. I should be happy for finally being reunited with her, but I felt nothing of that. Instead the strong pain and helplessness took over my being. She did not look real to me. Her skin was pale, bandages covered the injuries, her face was bruised on her right cheek. Just a shell of her normally looking self. I stood in one spot, not knowing what to do. Do I go and hug her, embrace her, after so many days of separation? Or do I stay here and watch her from afar?

After many minutes of shock filled moment, I notice a figure standing in a corner of the room, next to Kyra's bed. My eyes move to the person, who was present, since I came here, but failed to notice. A woman in white uniform, standing still. She did not say anything, just stared at me with frightened expression. This young girl looked like a nurse, that was clear to me, but I asked her anyway: ?Who are you?"

She made a tiny jump, after hearing my voice filling the room. Now I was facing her directly.

?I am Jessica, her care taker." she replied so quiet, I was barely able to hear her.

I looked back at my owners sleeping form. Her lower body was covered by the blankets and for me it was hard to asses, how serious her injuries were.

?What happened to her?"

?Uhmm... I don't know. I am here only to monitor her health. Of what I heard, she was shot by a equipment used to neutralize the robots. She has severe burns from the electric shock given by a ...thing... a... bullet I believe. I am not quite sure, what the gun looks like or what it does. She also has deep injuries on her right side of body of the strong impact made by the.... thing..." The nurse was so nervous, she could barely talk. Was it because of me or something else? ?How can somebody do such evil thing to a human being. That gun is not meant to be used on people. Our bodies are too fragile to withstand the tough force impacted by it." few tears left her scared eyes

eds a calm environment to recover and my constant energy of rage will not help her to get back on her feet. I left the factory's grounds through main entrance and no one paid attention to me, just some insignificant glances, like I was one of them, an ordinary sight in their workplace. Walking through Amber at night, I tried to suppress my urges to cause harm to anyone, that would come in my way. I did not plan to go back to Natalie for the moment. I might cause some issues, which I would not be happy about. I still need her smart head.

There were less people on the streets at night, which helped me to subside the hatred I felt. Being around them, made me be aware of my emotions and I paid the constant attention to contain them. It was hard, but I need to do it for Kyra. Right now, I knew she is OK, somewhat, and it made my life worth living. I will try not to do stupid things, that puts her or me in danger.

Wandering around the city throughout the night, gave me a reason to get familiar with the places I haven't been to. This morning I came back to 'AmberSol' to check up on Kyra. I decided to use main entrance to make sure, I did not imagine last night events. I passed through the gates without a problem and I realized, that maybe William is aware of my visits.

A smart man! I smiled to myself.

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