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I finally found it. Property and many generation running company of Elkwood family. This is where William spends most of his time. The whole complex of buildings are not as tall as the rest of the city, but it makes up it in size. The area it covers is huge, taking the quarter of space in Amber. The front buildings are little bit ancient looking. A tall brick wall is separating it from the rest of the city, on top of it - a fence with a force field, making it impossible to climb over or invade in some other way. The bricks itself are in rusty brown color, mixed with some darker or lighter patches. The main entrance is guarded by robot security guards. A see trough fence shields the entrance part from outside world. Behind it, is a hedge of green bushes, trimmed perfectly. Farther down, two separate three stories high buildings connect with a glass bridge. The walls of these buildings are covered in solar panels, working as a decoration and as a power generating source, their glass panes shine in different colors. Behind - everything else is located, factories, power plant, warehouses, office buildings and loads of mechanical equipment, moved by robots and human employees. The company radiates the power and wealth. Now I see, where everything Kyra and her father owns, comes from.

She must be somewhere here. The security seems to be impenetrable, the robots and powered fence guarding everything, what's inside. I have never come across to so secure property. The robot factories visited before, where, I will say, 'unguarded', compared to the 'AmberSol'. That's why William always stressed about their provided security and safeness of the products made. His standards were high, higher than anyone else's in Amber. He never seemed to be pleased with the service of others.

How am I will be able to enter these facilities, without anyone noticing me? It will be a tough challenge. I have to think of a plan. I know, Kyra is here, somewhere. With this tight security system, this might be the only safe place for her.

I stood in front of the gates, staring down the security guards. They looked tough. More like me, than the smaller and more agile police androids. They turned towards me, as they noticed my suspicious presence. I did not move. As long as I am not invading, they will not touch me. The guns they were holding, definitely made everyone near back off immediately. I left them and 'AmberSol'. Time to get back 'home'. I need some time to think of the way to get a hold of my owner.


For next couple of days I returned to 'AmberSol' to assess the security and maybe find a way in, other than the main entrance, but with no luck, I was always faced with dead ends. One part of the building interested me the most. It looked like an office structure, with wide glass windows, but I was never able to see through them, the shading hiding, whatever was inside, or whoever. I had a feeling it is

but with little more effort, I pried it open. On other side a brick walls spread to all directions, the same ones as above. This is it. I am at the right place.

After some time of walking, I reached the stairs and proceeded farther in to the building. I could hear machines working and man shouting. Gigantic metal door separated the rooms. Inside I saw a huge power cell, spinning around and casting an electric blue light at the workers around. The same security robots were monitoring the territory, with guns in their hands. This was bad. So many of them.... I just need to get to a place, where Kyra is and that's it.

I try to sneak past the workers. Entering the other hall, I am faced with a robot guard, few feet away from me. My body tenses up, as I am ready for a fight, if needed. For my surprise, he eyes me up and down and continues his patrol, completely ignoring me. What just happened? Did he see me or not? Whatever. Walking through another storage hall, I faced some other robots and even people. It was impossible to get past them unnoticed. Again, they saw me, but continued the work they started, before they have seen me. This was so strange. If they do not care about my presence, than I will go my merry way.

Exiting the building, the bright sun blinded my vision. I had been in darkness for so long, I forgot, what the time of the day was. I looked at my surroundings and noticed an office building, I was looking for - with wide glass windows. I entered it without anyone questioning me.

Examining every room, I desperately looked for Kyra. I could sense, that she is very close.

On the upper floor nobody was in. The halls were empty. The rooms were the same and then ......the last one. I opened the door. A bed, a small table and a medical machines attached to a person sleeping in it. My eyes roamed at a body laid on the purple sheets.

Everything in me stopped, as my eyes landed on the recognized face.


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