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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7706

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Walking through streets of Amber was risky in broad daylight. Pathways were full with people, doing their daily businesses. No one seemed to notice, people paid no attention to me. My black hooded jacket was plain looking and didn't draw the looks of humans around. I kept my face low, hood covering my eyes. My walk was casual, with no particular goal evident in it, to give the impression of simply wandering around the city. Though, I had a clear destination in my mind.

Sun was shining bright, reflecting almost nonexistent clouds on the glass buildings around. Amber is beautiful, but human made, like everything else. Nothing here is natural. Only these human beings. Is there place in a world, where everything is still organic? Like Kyra's greenhouse? The trees, bushes and other plants growing abundantly, their roots spreading through soil, connected with each other. I understand Kyra very well. She loves the greens, the life in general, it is very precious to her. Even the artificial life. I felt it too on the last time I spent my time in the oasis. Being there, gave me loads of energy, without a struggle to acquire it. It gives so much, and asks so little in return, just a moment of attention and than the life takes off on it's own.

I pass a painted wall, the sun rays are hitting hard on the bright colors. People, flowers, words are pictured on the polished grey bricks. A whole story it could be, for someone's rich imagination. Digital posters are scattered along the edges of the artwork. Famous people, events in Amber, and.... My eyes land on the very last one. The sun is making hard to see the person pictured in it, but for me this human seems familiar. Dark brown, wavy hair, round face. I walk closer and I finally see it.... her.... Kyra. Why is she on this poster?

A stranger walks past me and blocks the rays of sun. With big letters written on the poster – WANTED. It looks badly done and I am sure it is not made professionally. Somebody is hunting for her. Is it for the same reason as her nonexistent connection with SEB virus? Are these the same people? How can they believe to such stupid lies? I can feel my mind being taken over by my emotions. I keep repeating myself, that this is public space. It would be the worst decision to erupt, between the hordes of

he sounded little bit panicked.

?Girls, don't test my patients. I am not in a good mood."

?I kind of recognize his voice, but cannot remember who's it is." Laura whispered to her friend.

?I will count to three, If the door is not opened by then, the sight will not be pretty."

?Ohh... my god. He is crazy. Don't let him in, Sharlene. Shut the door completely." Her voice was louder and more demanding with a hint of worry in it.

I could not take it any longer. I needed answers and I needed them now. I kicked the door one time, than another. It was hanging loose on hinges. The force applied the third time, sent it flying in a room, as girls let out a panicked scream. I barged in and took hold of the first thing, that was in my way. Sharlene. She stumbled back few feet, but the quick move of my arm stopped her. My hand hold her neck as she started to struggle in my grip. Her eyes came to my face and she let out a word, choked out from her fragile neck.

?B... B... Bryce?" my name from her mouth came filled with a shock and a question at the same time.

?Bryce?" Laura screamed. ?Bryce, Bryce! Let her go! Let Sharlene go!"

Her words sounded so annoying at this moment, as I could feel myself being swallowed in the ocean of emotions. She was pulling strongly on my free arm, trying to get me away from her friend. I could not take it anymore and pushed her away - hard. Maybe too hard against the wall. The muffled thud was the only sound I heard, after my eyes landed back on Sharlene's form in my hands.

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