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A tall, thick wall was blocking our way. This was it – our destination – MELAXO. There seemed to be no entry point of any kind, but Natalie asked me to follow her to the right side. We walked few hundred meters and I noticed a vent, which was blocked by a huge propeller. It was off and for Natalie, it was an easy job to remove it for us to enter the building. For my big body, the vent system was very tight and moving through it was uncomfortable. We made few turns and she motioned for me to drop down in one of the openings ahead. I was glad to finally get out of this tight place.

I landed on a dark grey concrete floor and saw a long corridor spreading to both sides. No doors, only this very industrial looking hallway. Dim lights were shining from a ceiling and casting our spooky shadows on the floor. My companion was making her way to the right side of the path. A double door blocked our route and Natalie pressed a code on a manual, it opened immediately. The corridors split in to many more on other side, doors were scattered along the walls. It gave an impression of a prison. The silence consuming the air was eerie, as we were not able to hear sound of machines nor people, this factory seemed to be abandoned.

?Why no one is here?" my curiosity got better of me.

?These are just lower floors of the factory. The rooms are not in use for many years. Everything is located higher up – offices, halls, storage rooms and robots. Just keep following me. The place we need to be is not too far."

It was painful to follow her and to not know, how far and where was a place. I had to keep running after her like a pet. The idea of being your own master was intriguing, but no matter what, I will not change my thoughts about Kyra. She is always going to be my rightful owner and a person I would obey.

Right now, I have to get used to be on my own and make my own decisions. As far as it concerns Natalie, I will do as she says as long as it benefits me in some way.

We used the stairs to get

ling down from his face and the injured part of his head. A robot wobbles on his feet for a moment and then his body falls hard on the ground. There are few twitches coming from his body. Natalie walks out of her hiding spot, her hands are trembling, as she is looking at the robot and at me. I look back at the dead and now I notice a damage done to the wall, where his head made a contact with it. Metal is bent in a shape of it's head, few cracks are going out from the point of impact. I had used all my force to kill this robot, without realizing it.

?B...B..Bryce! I think we need to leave." Natalie said in barely audible whisper. Her voice was wavering a bit and she passed me quick not even taking her time to to look at me.


On the way home, Natalie's form was tense and she said not a single word this time. Scared, I could tell that. But if I hadn't removed the threat, we would be in a whole new mess. Now she was sitting on her bed, deep in thought.

I should leave her alone, to let her take everything in. I have got my new clothes and I was planning to go outside. I had to meet somebody.

?I will take a stride outside, will be back soon."

She looked at me, startled from her thoughts, her face full of worry. I did not bother to wait for her response or anything and left her hideout in order to see them.

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