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"Just do the thing and don't ask me why." I gave back to her silly question. "Could you do it now?"

"Uhm... I need to see, what is inside of you, to know, what I can do."

I gave her a warning look and took off my shirt to give her access to the panels on my back. Before I turned to her, I glared hard in to her eyes: "Just be careful. One slip of your fingers or any suspicious movement from you, and you will regret to ever been born! Understand?"

She nodded couple of times, her eyes filled with a slight fright. Her reaction to my threat this time was different, it appeared that she considered her further actions without her usual cocky attitude. Seemed like she really believed, what I said I would do this time.

"Uhmm.... OK. ..... You look different than before. What happened, while you were gone?" Natalie asked quietly.

"Nothing happened! And what makes you think I am different? I am clearly the same as I was before."

"Y.... you look so serious now. Like you have lost all your ability to show your emotions. I know you are angry about something. Are you sure that nothing happened? Maybe I could run a checkup through your system?"

"Shut up and do the thing I asked you to!"

She was right. I was still mad. Not about my separation from Kyra anymore, but rather at the whole world itself. All emotions were still in me, I felt them clear as a day, but it felt that something broke in me after a conversation with William. Maybe something happened with my emotion reflecting programs. I don't know. I still kind of feel the same way as before, though.

I felt a sting of pain going through my body, as a panel on my back opened. Something warm made it's way down my bare back. Every time it was opened, it felt worse, than before. I have to get rid of that switch system. That is my most vulnerable part in me. If it can be removed now, than nothing as simple as that, will threaten my existence.

"Oh... my god!" I heard Natalie let out a shaky breath.

cusing on military robots. They are heavier built, more agile and smarter in some aspects. Most of them go to police work, or to some security providing companies. She pointed out, that they are smaller built than me and I should not be worried about meeting one of them. She was confident in her assumption, that I would have an upper hand. Another aspect of the company is their employees - they all are humans. And no activated robots roam the premises. This might be easier than being in CyRo.

We reached a much brighter tunnel, with line of lights illuminating the top part. Under our feet was a railing system. I assume we were nearly at the surface.

"How do you know about every possible way to get in?" I was puzzled of this fact. She was smart, but there was no way she could remember every part of the building's maps and layout of passageways.

"I have been working in these companies myself at the time. I know every part and corner in their factories. These are the biggest robot manufacturers in this city and the most hated by me. I just want them to see and feel the same, of what I felt those years ago. Their dreams being crushed and destroyed by somebody else."

"So you are going after specific companies right now?"

"Yeah. Every one involved in my ideas rejection will suffer the same fate."

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