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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5596

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:53

The world around me seemed to get dark. It felt much gloomier than ever before. The blackness filled tunnels, crisscrossing my path along with a rage, that seemed to be overtaking my mind. I was mad, but this time I felt like it have taken my body in hostage. I need to release it somewhere. I feel miserable, as I have the need, crawling through me, to hurt somebody, something. I must have a time alone, to get my normal senses back. If I go back to Natalie, inevitably I will end her life. But at this moment, I don't know, if I want that to happen. I need her, will need her in future.

Kyra was no longer in her father's house nor in her apartment. He said, she have been moved to a safe place. Which is ...? Where could it be? I will need to find her at any cost and I don't care of what kind of obstacles have to be overcome in order to do it. She is hurt. How did it happen? Why those stupid people decided it was a good idea to use a weapon on her? She is no danger to anyone, looks peaceful and could not harm a single soul. They all are brainwashed by somebody or are just plain stupid with no sense of logic in their primitive brain. I cannot imagine in what kind of pain she is in. Injuries witch have caused her to almost loose her life. And who thought to use a weapon against her, which was suppose to be used only on robots. And what about police? Isn't their job to protect her?

I need to get out there and see it for myself. But I cannot show up in this look, some change is needed, if I want to be unnoticed.

After a long walk underground, I approach Natalie's hideout. It is all quiet. Is she even back? I carefully open the door and see lights on. T

re you planning to go outside?"

"I do. Don't you like it?"

"I.... you can't do that!"

"But you said I should take my life in my own hands, making decisions by myself. Not following other people orders and such." I arched my eyebrow and waited for her comeback.

"Fine. Let's have a look."

We looked for some clothing types on web, to see which one I like the best and do the job of concealing my face. I noticed a black hooded jacket, made of thick material, but still had a good flexibility. I picked black pants similar texture and a pair of boots. All outfit was black, perfect to be unnoticed on the dark streets outside. I was not planning to wander around in daytime yet. I understand that I am still wanted by police and others. Natalie will go and get my new clothes as soon as she has free time.

"Could I ask another favor from you?"

"Hmm .... what is it?"

"I need you to remove the life control system in my back. Remove it completely from my body."

Natalie looked at me puzzled, her eyes boring in to mine, as we were still sitting on a couch.

"What are you planning, Bryce?"

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