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?It is none of your business." I growl at William, still holding on his collar. ?Where is she?"

From what I heard, she is not staying in her usual place. He have taken her somewhere else, but where?

His first nervous wavering was nearly gone, taking back his furious appearance.

?I will not tell you, Bryce! She is in a safe place and you will not get to her!"

?Tell me!" I shook him hard. ?I will not hurt you and her, if you will tell me her location. I promise!" The emotions were brewing inside of me once again. My frustration dared to build up into anger, but William did not attempt to tell me anything, as I saw a strong determination in his eyes.

?And what will you do, if I keep my mouth shut? I have told you before, Bryce. I am not afraid of you and your threats mean nothing to me. If my fate is to die by your hands, than shall it be that way."

Is he serious? Does he not care about his life? Is he going to give it up so easily? And what about Kyra? Does he even care, what happens to her, if he leaves this world?

?If you care about her, just a little, you will not harm me. I know it Bryce, you do think of her dearly. So why are you making this so violent? Brute force will not help anyone, it is not a solution. We can talk, without a need to strangle me." He took a deep breath and casually tried to release my grip on him.

William was right. I cared for

ple in Amber. But how, if this man is not willing to tell me, where she is.

?I need to see her! I need to be next to her!" I attempted to ask again.

?No! She have suffered enough, even from you. She needs some time alone – alone to heal herself and have some peace from everyone else."

I was pissed off. My hands start to shake, as I am trying desperately to hold in my rage.

I want to protect her with my life. I am ready to do anything, for her to have a peaceful life. I close in on William, my eyes staring deep in to his own. And then my hand comes up and I punch him hard in his face. Old man's hand comes straight to hold his nose, as he is grunting in pain. His nose starts to bleed immediately, a dark stream of blood comes down to his lips.

?Then someone else will have to suffer. Until I get to her, I will not stop."

Taking a last look at the man, I swiftly exit the car and disappear from a sight.

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