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?Come, we need to hurry, before the factory is full with CyRo staff." Natalie rushed me.

I was not so eager to follow her and her commands. The only reason I agreed to go, was because of my boredom. At least in this way, I might have a glimpse of the outside world. It is been only one week, but the place is killing me.

Natalie's shoes make a rhythmic sound, as she is moving in even speed over the concrete floor. She could have got better footwear, if she is deciding to sneak in. I could hear her walking a mile away. We close in on a same door where we came in days ago. She opened it, but elevator was not there. I saw a ladder below us and she quickly grabbed on it, smoothly climbing down. The shaft looked like an endless pit, the only source of light were tiny flashing bulbs on the metal walls. I followed her. Few steps down, she looked up and shouted at me quietly:

?Stop! Wait until I am off of the ladder. You are going to take me down to the very bottom with your weight!

?I am not that heavy, it will hold me." my voice echoed through darkness.

?Ughhr... be quiet." Natalie spat.

?Sure!" I answered back, but a tone louder. A barely visible grin appeared on my lips. I was pissing her off. She will regret taking me with herself.

A long squeaking noise came from a ladder and now I realized, that I am too heavy for a construction to hold my body weight along with Natalie's. In few steps I was back up and waited for her to climb off, so I can follow. Couple of minutes passed, I saw her form disappearing and knew it was my turn. After reaching the spot where she had gone missing, I was faced with opened elevator door. The room was blinding white and many rows of robotic body parts were hanging on each side of it.

I remember this place. Here I first came to life. Where I first saw the meaning of it. Flash of memories flood my mind, as I take a look around. Between these rows, I met her – Kyra. How I wish I could turn back a time and start everything new. I would be in different place, with someone other than this woman.

My train of thoughts are interrupted by Natalie, again. She grabs me by my upper hand and pulls in opposite direction.

?Stay close to me! No one must see us. If you are going to keep wander around, they will spot us in security cameras. Follow me, understand!" She was waiting for my reply, but I could not concentrate on her mumbling. ?Bryce! Are you listening?"

?Yeah! I can hear you."

?Are you sure? It does not look like it to me."

I said nothing. I was tired of her constant need of my attention.

Few minutes passed, Natalie was scanning the area around us and I decided to play along, though, my mind was somewhere else.


?Were are the surveillance systems? I broke the silence with my serious voice.

She looked at me, surprised.

?Take a look! Keep yourself out of sight!"

I took her Micro-H-tab and memori

efore he left these premises."

?What are you implying? That is nonsense. I will tell you one thing Chalfer. You will regret to ever known me. You and everybody else, who have decided to stand against me. All of you. You don't know what I am capable of doing, what power I have over all of you. Everybody's existence in this city depends on me."

The door swung open and the old man stormed towards the exit, not noticing me standing nearby. I have never seen him in this kind of state, so mad and furious. Like a whole new person was behind these doors.

His gait was tense and fast, as I followed him quietly. Through his rage, he seemed to be oblivious of my presence. I did not bother to be quiet or sneaky. I wanted to confront him.

Luckily no one was in reception area and Angela was busy doing something on a computer. My old man scurried to his car which was empty. He did not take his driver with him today. Even better. The less people are around, the easier time for me will be to have a decent talk with him. But I am still weary of his reaction seeing me.

Making a wide swing, he opens the door of his car and sits on a comfy seat. Without a warning I face him directly, bent down to his level. Our eyes meet and I see his features changing in seconds from furious to shocked one, his face getting a shade paler, nearly blending with his light grey hair. His light blue eyes are watching me, as he is pushing his own body farther away from me. I see him trying to open the other door behind his back. I need him. I cannot let him get away. In seconds my hands fly to his neck. He seems little bit frightened by my sudden lunge for him. My hold is strong, but not painfully tight. As much as I would like to release my frustration on somebody, I will not hurt him. If I do, then there is no way back to Kyra.

Finally he stutters his first words:

?B ...Bryce? ...............What are you doing? Why are you here, back at CyRo?"

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