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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6298

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Today for a first time I got into Natalie's laboratory. For me it seemed the only interesting thing in her whole hideout. It really intrigued me, the making of the SEB virus and what it was capable of doing to a robot. I expected her to work on it today, but she got her hands straight to a microscope, where tiny robot parts were laying. It looked like a jumble of metal - round, the size of a fist. For my surprise I had no clue what it was and what was it for. Clearly it was off, was my guess.

"What is it?" I couldn't hold in my curiosity.

"It is a robot for transporting the virus. It will be. I haven't tried it yet." Natalie kept looking into the microscope, while working on it. "It is almost finished. Only little bit of adjustments and it will be ready to go and do it's work." she said happily.

"Why do you need it to transport the SEB virus? Can't you do it yourself?"

A quiet laugh escaped her lips: "SEB virus? Is it how they call it? Funny!"

"Then... how do you call it?"

"I have no name for it. I never needed it, as I was the only one aware of it's existence. SEB virus..... I guess they titled it because of the message I left on one of the infected robot. It was more like a joke.... like giving them a tiny clue about me, but I see they misinterpreted it. SEB is short for Sebastian."

Oh yeah... him..... her assistant. "Tell me more about him." my curiosity kept nagging me.

Natalie lifted her eyes and looked in a distance at nothing in particular. "Like I said, he was my assistant at Cyber-beats - robot engineering company. When I started to work there, I was paired with an android - him. My job was to work on robot 'brains' to improve their perception of the world around them, interaction with humans and advanced work abilities. I got lucky to get him as my partner, he was one of the highest quality androids in the facility." A gen

all of them are connected with underground system. He will go and take the virus, where I cannot go."

"How are you going to control him?"

"He is programmed to let his children free and then return to me after that. I gave him the virus too, so there is a bit of attachment to me from his part. Simple but loyal." She took him in her hands like a tiny pet.

"Children?" she could not stop surprise me. She was annoying, but very smart. Natalie knew what she is doing.

"I have smaller robots, similar to him, microscopic. Their job is to deliver the virus to the brain of a robot."

"Does it work?"

"I don't know yet. I have to try it out. My next target is CyRo. .... Don't look surprised. It is dangerous. I know it. That's why I need you to come along. You are going to be my new bodyguard, Bryce. Will you help me?"

Should I get in to her mess? I don't want get myself in more trouble than I am already in. If something goes wrong, I will not be able to forgive myself for causing it.

"I might help you, but I will function like your bodyguard, only. I will not lift a single finger to help you with the virus itself."

"It is fine. As long as you are there for me." Natalie smiled at me flirtatiously.

There she goes again....

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