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I scurried quick into the car, feeling totally overwhelmed. Luckily, Sergeant Cole saved me from that woman's punch. Ironically, it really seemed unsafe for me to be there at this time, as many robot fearing people were in police station.

"Mike, please, take me home."

He nodded and started the car. I glanced out the window and let out a heavy sigh. Police workers were busy attending crowd of people. I felt safe for a moment, as a car door was finally separating me from them.

"Holly cow! That woman was crazy! Where are her manners!" said Sharlene taking glances back at police quarters as we drove off. "How are you supposed to go out on a street, if people like her are wandering around. .... Shame - we don't have Bryce, who always saves our day."

Her expression turned to a sad one after mentioning my android. Looked like I am not the only one missing him.

"Well, I will have to be a prisoner in my own house."

Mike dropped us in front of house and drove off to park the car in garage. Police officers were still monitoring the entrance and I felt a slight relieve taking over. I was not so worried about Bryce coming to get me, but more about people like that lady in police house.

I left Sharlene on a couch in living room, while I went to the kitchen to pick some snacks for us. She loves apples. So I took two of them, one for myself.

I heard a knock on a door. Who would that be? We just came and saw no one. I looked at Sharlene questionably, but she just shrugged her shoulders and took a huge bite in an apple. I opened the door and saw one of police officers.

"What's the problem?"

"There is one woman, she says that she has a delivery for you, Ms."

"A delivery? I didn't...." I did not order anything. .... Maybe my father did? It still felt very risky to let some unknown person in my property. But police was nearby, so I will see, what she is delivering. "Alright, let her in."

I was waiting in a doorway for this person. I saw in a distance, what appeared to be a woman. She had long black coat, but very professional looking. A black hat and dark red hair. Her eyes were cowered by black sunglasses. As she closed in on me, I noticed her bright red lips twisted in a subtle smile.

"Can I speak with Ms Elkwood?" she said quietly.

"It is me. I heard y

her?" I asked her again, ignoring her complains.

"No, no, no. You answer me first? Where were you gone?"

"Just outside, taking a stroll. I did not go to the surface."

"Why? Aren't you happy staying here?" Natalie gestured on the ground below her feet.

"This place is boring." I said in a calm tone, but I could feel my mood slowly changing, because of her. "Did you see her?" sternly I asked her again.

"Yeah, yeah. I met her. She is fine." Natalie waved her hand in the air dismissively.

"What did she say?"

"Nothing. I had no time to talk to her. She is guarded by police. And I had a hard time to be able to stay with her for longer. Aaaand... you didn't ask me to talk to your lady. I just checked up on her, like you told me to."

I said nothing to her in return, just went to sit on a couch and rested my head against the back of it in thought. I heard a rhythmic tapping of her foot. I lifted my head and saw her standing in front of me with her arms crossed. My eyebrow arched up seeing her annoyed for some reason.

"And where is your thanks? I did a big job for you, going out and finding some random woman for you!"


"Fine, forget it. BUT I want something in return from you." Natalie leaned closer to me. "Now you will have to help me. Help me to fulfill my revenge." she smiled.

This woman was insane. "Why would I want to be part of your sick plan?"

"I believe, you will need my help farther down the line, so I think it is in your best interests to help me out."

Unbelievable ...

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