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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7900

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"Uhmm... Hello!" was my awkward reply.

Cole just continued to stare at me and Sharlene, but paid no much attention to her. What is wrong with all robots? They always stare me down, not braking the eye contact. It makes me uncomfortable. But... they probably don't feel ashamed or something along those lines, about their rude behavior. And Sergeant Cole didn't seem to be a polite robot either. Maybe I am too spoiled, because of my rich life and status, expecting everybody show respect towards me. I guess this is a different world.

"Ahaha... no need for introduction for him lady. He knows about you and about everybody else he encounters. The information about the whole Amber's registered citizens are installed in his 'brain'. Cole has every registered data about you in his system and of course about any other human being or legally registered robot. It makes our job so much easier nowadays. No need to bring possible suspects to our office for recognition, just one glance of a robot and we know who we are looking at. No time spent digging in computers. We, slow brained humans!" detective laughed.

"Could we start with questioning?" bluntly asked sergeant.

"OK, OK. We are going, Cole." Detective Solace turned his eyes on us, as we were already walking upstairs to his office: "If he wouldn't be a simple robot, I would say, he is too eager to get his hands on your android, Ms Elkwood!"

Simple android? This is not funny, detective. He better stays a simple robot. I thought to myself.

"Detective! It is not funny. Bryce is not a simple machine anymore, and look, what it have come to." came a straight comment from Sharlene.

"Uhm, sorry ladies! I know this is a very sensitive topic for you both. My apologies."

The whole ruckus in lobby was left behind, as we entered the quieter office section of the building. We walked through some corridors, were office spaces were separated by light brown glass windows. Detective gestured for us to come in his office and sit down in front of his desk. He himself sat on his own soft chair and Sergeant took his place next to him, taking his hands behind his back and making a security guard stance. Being in his presence felt like I am here for my own crimes and waiting for my questioning. Now I understood, I cannot lie to them about anything, as the robot was here with us. From experi

e looked at me worriedly. "I will let you go now. Go home and rest. Thanks for your help, Ms Elkwood, Sharlene."

We left his office and went back through lobby to get in a car, where Mike was waiting for us. There were some people screaming and struggling against some robot policeman. I fastened my steps to get past them, as the whole aggression made me nervous. I got stopped, as one woman jumped in front of me, blocking my way. She had got free from one human policeman's hold.

"Here you are! Where are you going? Go back! Go back and sit in jail, in place where you belong to, bitch!"

What is her problem? I don't know her, have never seen her in my life before.

"Excuse me? Do I know you?"

"Don't play dumb, princess!" She said the last word full with hatred and venom. "How many robots are you going to infect and let free? How many people have to die because of you? We all will get you behind the bars. Your time of shining will come to an end, soon, very soon."

I was in complete shock. This woman was accusing me of things, I had no part in. And it looked like she genuinely hates me. And she said 'we'. Who is 'we'? I felt panic rise up my throat. She was dangerously close to me now. I saw her fist raise up... She is going to hit me.... Was the last thought in my mind, before ...... before a dark metal hand came in front of my face taking the impact of this woman's punch.

"Get her under control!" I heard a calm order from, whoever have saved me. "You should better leave this place. It is not safe for you to to be here." he said to me.

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