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I ground inwardly, this woman just keeps pushing my buttons.

What the media was telling the people was a complete lie, well partly. I did kill that man and it is true, I am infected, more than that, but everything else was a false information. Kyra plays no role in this mess. It is only me and this woman. All of this to begin with is Natalie's fault. If she wouldn't have messed up with my microchip, I would be just an ordinary robot.


Thinking about it, I would not exist in a first place. Kyra bought me for protecting her from other infected robots. If she wouldn't have been attacked, than she would have no need to have a robot at all. And if this woman wouldn't have created virus, none of the robots would be dangerous, attacking people for no reason, like me. Natalie have made a big mess and now Kyra has to pay for it. People might go crazy hearing the media's lies. I need to see her! I need to make sure, she is safe, it is my job and a reason for existence to protect her.

I leave the presence of Natalie and proceed to the exit. As I have opened the door, I hear her smooth voice.

"Where are you going?"

I glance back at her over my shoulder: "I need to see her."

"Are you totally insane?" I hear her stand up after I have turned my eyes back at the dark tunnel ahead. "The whole city is looking for you! You will not get out of this hole unnoticed, not even as far as she is."

"I don't care about myself, as long as she is safe."

"Why do you care about her so much? Clearly she dies not give a second thought about you. If she would have anything for you, she would have not sent you to CyRo."

"You know nothing, what happened and why she sent me away. You are not going to stop me!" I glare at her.

Natalie makes a heavy sigh and runs her hand trough her red hair nervously.

"OK, fine. I am willing to help you. How does this sounds like? I will go myself and check on her, if she is alright, OK? You stay here and wait for me. It will be easier for me to sneak out. Nobody knows me."

I rose my eyebrow. "Why do you care, what's going to happen to me?"

"You.... you are the key to my plan. Finally I have got hands on you, on a result of my hard work. I am not gonna let you go and get destroyed for some stupid reason, for her. You have no idea what value you have." she said frustration present in her features.

I stood for a moment, contemplating what she said. She had a point, I will agree with that.

" A crazy day today... Now so many people start to complain about their robots, they find a slightest misbehavior in them and expect us to respond to every single one of their emergency situations. We don't know anymore, which is worth to investigate and which not. They are getting paranoid because of news. Stupid reporters."

"Sorry, I guess it is all my fault."

"No, no. Don't blame yourself. Your case is serious and one android can not turn every robot in to zombie..."

His little comment at the end made me crack a small smile. That girl - Alison should be grateful to have such protective and nice father.

"Oh.. and I want to introduce you to him, the one who is in charge of your case - in charge of capturing your android."

He turned his gaze on the crowd, as he was looking for somebody. "Cole, Cole! Could you come here?"

In seconds a dark silhouette appeared through the people. I lifted my eyes and finally saw a man, who has a job of capturing Bryce. Or I would say ----- a robot. It was the same one, who had a problem with detective's daughter. His eyes bore into me as he looked my form from head to toe. An uneasy feeling washed over me. Before anyone could say anything, he spoke.

"Kyra Elkwood, daughter of William Elwood. 24 years old, manager in one of 'AmberSol' facility's."

"Ah... This is Sergeant Cole, our special android for this case. You could not get anyone better than him." detective Solace smiled clearly proud of him.

My mouth stayed open for a while as I could not comprehend the information this robot told me. He new everything about me just in seconds, just by looking at me.

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