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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5669

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She was quietly sobbing, more tears falling from her eyes. My anger and frustration subsided seeing her so....

Image of Kyra comes straight to my mind, remembering all the times she cried, almost loosing herself in a see of tears. Her body shaking with every breath she took, her eyes - big and scared. That sight just make me feel miserably awful.

?Who is Sebastian?" I said in much calmer tone.

Maybe I was too harsh. It is been hard lately to control my emotions, feelings. Good and bad, all felt the same – like unstoppable flood overpowering my thoughts. Feels like every single thing irritates me, makes me mad for no reason. I often question myself. How humans deal with them? How do they contain them? Do they feel the same, as I do?

?He was my assistant in Cyber-beats. I... I loved him and they took him away, destroyed him. I wanted him to love me back, but he even didn't get a chance. ?

?He didn't love you?"

?He was not capable of love, he was a ...robot...."

?So you created a biological virus, to make him feel, have emotions, right?"

?Hmm." Natalie nodded. She lifted her face and looked at me with teary eyes."Do you feel anything? What do you feel? Tell me! Please, I need to know. I need to know, that my years long work was not in wain."

I looked at her, her eyes pleading for me to tell her, what I actually felt.

?Anger, frustration, sympathy, care, maybe love and ..... pain..... lots of it. It eats me from inside and it makes me mad, so mad I cannot control myself, my actions, the things I do."

Surprise filled her facial features.

?Pain? Why do you feel pain?"

"Ok. That is enough." I turned away from her.

She did not need to know about me more. If I stayed and looked at her crying, I might feel sorry for her. She is nothing to me and never will be, just a random person. At the moment, she is the only one who can help me to deal with my acquired emotions, so that I don't loose my sanity forever.

"Tell me! We had a deal, I tell you, what I know and you tell me things I want to know about you."

Her crying had stopped, but some tears were still present in her eyes.

?I feel pain, because I cannot be with her." I averted my gaze away from Natalie again.

?With who?

?With my owner. And I doubt she will ever take me back. She probably hates me now."

?It is a woman, right? Who is she?

I looked back at her curious gaze. ?Kyra....her name is Kyra Elkwood."

"Oh... Elkwood. I should have known. I doubt anyone can afford such an android like you. It looks like you have got every possible trait put inside of your body. She did not spare any money, it seems." Natalie flashed a sad smile. "That snobbish, arrogant princess. Always getting the best things in life." She looked at me straight in the eyes: "And she even got you..... the n

ew you.... The thing I desperately wanted for so many years - a robot with complex emotions."

Arrogant? Snobbish?

"You don't know her. Kyra is nothing like you just described her. You people have totally wrong perception of her. You are too reliable on media, nothing is right and true, what they say."

"Well, yeah. You know her better than I do. Shame."

Natalie climbed out of her bed and went for a small cupboard in her dining area. She made herself a coffee and sit down on a sofa, that I was laying on earlier. In a meantime my sight was on a laboratory behind a glass wall. It was a bit bigger than her living space. Medical equipment scattered on the work surfaces, microscopes, testing tubes. One wall was full with a large metal storage cabinets. On other desk were some mechanic parts, which I could not recognize. I zoomed in, under one microscope I saw some tiny robotic machines. I wonder, what they were for? My attention is disturbed by her voice.

"I should check, what MEDIA is saying about the incident." Natalie said stressing the word 'media' while glancing at me. "I don't think your kill got unnoticed."

She typed something on her digital keyboard, which was illuminated on her small coffee table. I could barely see a hologramic screen in front of her from my side, the information kept in secrecy from me. She scrolled down, while sipping the contents from her mug.

"Oh... Look! They have got your picture too. A murder in CyRo technologies main facility. SEB infected crazy robot have killed one of their employee's. Brutal and unforgiving death for an innocent civilian. Robot appears to be their own origins and belongs to Kyra Elkwood - our city's richest lady. We have the information, that she might be behind the SEB virus spreading. This is our first knowledge of her handsome bodyguard being an android. The question is, why did she lie to us, why did she hide his identity from the people in Amber? Suspicious. We advise all citizens to be careful on streets as this mad machine is on free legs, roaming around and maybe looking for his next victims. Police is doing everything possible to capture this robot. If anyone have any information about his whereabouts, please contact police immediately. He is extremely dangerous and smart, everyone be careful." Natalie read me out laud. "And you are quite mad in this picture too. You do not look like an ordinary robot, I will say. They definitely found the right one to make everybody scared for their life's." she grinned.

"This a total nonsense. Nothing of it is true. I am not walking around and killing everybody in my sight." I scoffed.

"I don't know about that. You seem to be willing to do just that, including me. I have heard you threatening my life many times already."

"Another word and I will do just that."

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