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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5677

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Bryce's POV.

As soon as her eyes were open, I went straight to her.

Since I woke up, I had this nagging feeling. I had to know the answers. Everything about the virus. I hoped the night will pass quickly, but the time dragged forever, making me more anxious, by every passing minute. The answers to all my questions were so close, right next to me.

?Tell me, what is it?" I demanded in a hard tone, while watching Natalie's sleeping form. ?I know you are awake."

?Oh, common, I just opened my eyes. I am not fully awake. Give me a minute!" was her pillow muffled answer. ?So demanding!" Natalie added with a whisper.

And her characteristic smile appeared on her face, partly covered by a blanket she snuggled in.

?I am short on my patience."

I yanked blanket away from her in one swift motion, leaving her exposed to a not so warm room. I grabbed Natalie's body by her upper arms and pulled her up.

?Ohh.... and so dominant." She said totally not surprised or startled by my rough approach.

What is wrong with this woman? Is she enjoying this? I let go of her, frustration taking over me.

She looked at me from bellow with her brown eyes and smiled.

?OK! But first I have to look at you."

?I don't have time for that." a frustrated growl left my lips.

?I won't tell you anything, until I get something from you in return."

?What is it?"

?You will have to tell me about yourself in return. You want to know answers, so do I."

What a witty human.

?So... take off your clothes. I need to see, what you are made of."

I looked at her curious. I did as she told me to, leaving the clothing on her bed. This whole time she did not shift her eyes away from me. I eyed her the same, the thought of her lack of manners, stuck in my mind.

?Everything. Take off all of it." She demanded shifting her gaze to my lower body.

?What do you think, woman? Am I some kind of toy to you?

Natalie looked at whole me: ?Well, you look like you were a toy for somebody."

?Watch your tongue, woman. If you will annoy me more, I will tear it out." I grabbed her by the neck and gave her a warningly tight squeeze. I was on edge of madness. She was making me angry, seemed like on purpose or maybe not. I don't know. I had never met any woman like her.

Kyra was a total opposite of what Natalie is – well mannered, quiet and shy. And if wanted, she could show her bossy side, but always her manners present in her actions. Even Laura was not so..... vulgar as this one. Her actions seemed more childish at times, as she was going crazy around me, but it didn't felt like being around Natalie. Natalie was on a whole new level.

?OK, stop, you are hurting me now."

I let go of her neck, as she coughed and were gasping for air. I hope this will teach her to watch, what she is saying and doin


?Sit down." she said while still stroking her sore neck. ?In CyRo I saw that guy looking inside of you and he was shocked. I need to see why, OK?"

I give her another warning glare and sit down next to her on a bed.

?Where is the button to open your back panel?"

I lift my hand over my shoulder and gently press on lower part of my neck. A slight shiver runs through my body, when the panel slowly opens.

I don't see her, only feel her hands gliding over my back around the panel's frame.

?Does it hurt? Do you feel anything?"

?No, it does not hurt, but the feeling is not enjoyable either."

I hear a small gasp leave her lips, as she has a chance to finally see, what is inside of me. Suddenly I remember about my switch buttons under a panel, my life support system. I quickly turn her way and grab her wrist, my hold hard and hopefully painful.

?No funny staff, understand? If you do something to me, I will not hesitate to end your life."

?Awww! Control yourself! What is wrong with you?"

?You tell me that! Tell me! What is wrong with me!" and I let go of her wrist, seeing her in pain. ?What do you see?"

?Ahm... There is your inner metal parts, wires..." I hear her swallow hard. ?Blood vessels, muscle tissue.... It is everywhere.. spreading through your whole system. Are you ...? I don't understand... How old are you? When were you made?"

?...204 days ago... What is a problem?"

?I can't believe! You are..."

?Say it for once!" I shout, tired of hearing her stuttering.

?More than half a year ago I was In CyRo, secretly infecting their new to be robots, their main microchips, in their very special holding facility. Back then, I could not infect anyone, because of accident, that happened. I almost got caught and the whole contents of my newly perfected virus spilled on to one of the microchips. I had no time to get it back, as it quickly got absorbed. All of it. For some time I did not return to CyRo, until yesterday. I... I believe you are holding that infected microchip. I see the virus have spread through your whole body in such short time. It shouldn't have happened. It should have changed only the way you think and the way you feel – feel emotions, nothing else. I think, it is because you got loads of it."

I could not comprehend all information, that was coming from her and I believe she did not either, as this was her first time seeing the infected one. And seeing me so severely changed by it. I could here her heart beating laud in her human body. Why did I get infected? What was a purpose?

?Why did you make this SEB virus?


There was a long silence followed by a heavy sigh.

?I did it, because of .... Sebastian."

I turn and look at her, her form slouched down, her eyes averted to her palms and a single tear falling in them.

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