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?Ah!" I nodded in acknowledgement.

?You don't seem to be surprised. Have you heard about me before?"

?Some things. I suppose, you are responsible about SEB virus spreading, am I right?"

?Hmm!" she smiled. ?You have had reliable sources, for that information to be so accurate.

?What are you doing here?" I stepped closer, in attempt to intimidate her, but she did not move.

?Come, I will tell you, but not here."

I could faintly hear distant footsteps nearing our location. They must have seen, what I did, and now CyRo are coming to get me. I decide to follow this woman, wherever she is leading me to. We walk through rows of robot body parts to the very back of the huge room.

Once I looked the same, just a bundle of separate parts, hanging the same way as these. And what have I become now? Something far more advanced than anything else in this building, in this city and world together. I never dreamed of becoming this being, not quite robot, neither human, something between. I could not call myself a cyborg either, because I could still live without these additions that SEB virus gave me.

It's been not longer than half a year since I started my existence, or maybe I could call it a life. I feel alive, the progress I have gone through these month is enormous. First, when I just opened my eyes, I felt almost nothing, just that need to see Kyra's face again. I had no concept, what that feeling meant. Only after I got finally my full body, I started to feel things, emotions - what people call them. And now, even physical sensations. It feels like there is nothing else needed for me, but I still feel it spreading through my body, slowly, throughout. I don't know, what that annoying man saw inside of me, but I know, it was not pleasant sight for him, not what he expected. Things that not suppose to be in me. But I don't care. As long as I am something for Kyra, something she is comfortable with. And that is me - being a human–like. That is what she desires and I will keep every single thing that makes me the one, as close as possible.

We came to a small elevator, half the size of all the others in this building. Natalie opened it and we walked in. I wonder, how we are going to escape? She pushed a button and elevator descended few floors until she stopped it. I noticed, we haven't reached the next floor, but were somewhere in between them. She took a piece of the wall away, where under it was an elevator's manual panel. Natalie pushed some buttons and door opened, revealing a small tunnel leading into the darkness. The ceiling was so low, I had to duck, but for her it was a right size, as she walked through it with no problem. Everything was pitch black, the only light source was a small flashlight, that Natalie had. Even, if she wouldn't have it, I would have no problem to navigate my way with a night vision I have.

I believe this is an air ventilation system, which is not meant for walking. Different wiring and small pipes are under our feet, but they are tough enough to take our weight and not get damaged.

?Where are we going?" I said and my voice echoed through darkness.

She turned around slightly, and looked at me with a small smile.

?To a safe place."

?And if they find us?" I glanced back to a disappearing elevator wall.

?They won't. I have been here for many years and have not seen a single soul. People don't come here. They are scared."

?What is so scary down here?"

Natalie made a small chuckle: ? I don't know. Ask them!"

?Do you live here?"

?Little bit farther away. I wouldn't live so close to place I intend to destroy. That would be too suspicious. ?

?Destroy? Who do you want to destroy?"

Another chuckle left her red lips, with a hint of hatred in it: ?CyRo, Egor, all of them. Everybody who denied me to accomplish my dream."

?What dream?"

?You. You are the outcome of it."

I stopped in my tracks: ?What is that suppose to mean?"

Another chuckle came from her: ?I will tell you later. It is a long story."

There was a big hole in a ground. Metal spiral staircase lead into the darkness, deep, deep down. Her shoes made a constant rhythmic sound every time her feet touched the metal beneath us. The walls were made of polished concrete bricks, in some places little bit crumbled from age. Everything looked cleaner than I expected, no mud no dirt. I could tell, there was no life down here, so deep under the city called Amber.

Finally we stood on a horizontal ground. The tunnel was much bigger and I could hear a distant grumbling from both sides of the dark place. The low sound was constant and mechanic.

I eyed the woman in front of me, as we walked. She looked like over 30 years old. Her dark red hair went past her shoulders, straight and thick. She was not skinny, but fat neither - something between. Natalie's walk was filled with confi

dence. There was no single trace of fear in her, she seemed to be little arrogant about herself, I noticed. I had a feeling, I cannot trust her. But.... I have never been able to fully trust anyone. Except Kyra. I could almost be 100 percent myself around her. But not now. She is somewhere up in a city, so close, but so far at the same time.

Natalie - she was hiding something and until I know what, I will keep an eye on her.

As we continued to walk, we got closer to a source of sound. Two gigantic pipe like structures were going deeper in ground, vibrating slightly.

"Those are water pumps for a city. This is were everyone gets it. It is a source of life for Amber. There are more structures around here. Drills for minerals and other underground resources." Natalie said as she saw my attention averted to the structure.

It was weird. The pump had some mechanical features and I wondered, who comes to fix things, when they are damaged. She said, not a single soul comes here. Somebody has to, but who.

"And who is taking care of these? I gestured at the pipe.

"Robots. But not often. Drills and pumps are in quite good quality, so they rarely come here."

After half an hour walk we came to a illuminated concrete wall with a single door in it. From a far the scene looked surreal. A light in a end of a tunnel, literally. We stepped inside, what appeared to be a place, where she lived for many years. Room was not big, but enough for one person to feel comfortable. The walls were light grey, almost white and the light reflecting made it look much brighter. A small kitchen containing only a sink and one cupboard. A bed in a far end, a couch, small matted metal table near it. Behind a couch was a glass wall. On other side a small laboratory with all kinds of gadgets, medical equipment and such.

So that is where she is doing her work. I wanted to know desperately about her work, what is SEB virus and more importantly, what it does to me.

"Tell me, what is it? The virus?" I got strait to the point. I had no intention to get to know her or be friends with Natalie.

"Oh! So curious! I don't know a lot, just basic stuff. I will need you, in order to figure things out. I haven't got the hands on any infected robot so far, so I don't know full details about it's effect."

The way she talked irritated me. With that constant smile plastered on her face and subtle flirting attitude accompanying it. I just have to bear with it, until I have got every information out of her about myself and the virus.

She let out a yawn and stretched her arms in the air.

"So tired. Today was a busy one. I will go to sleep. You..." again that smile "do whatever you want, just don't go in the lab. That place is very precious and important."

Natalie changed her clothes, while not leaving her eyes from me. She was smiling constantly, looked like, she is in a very good mood. Probably because of me, as she finally have got herself a real infected robot to inspect later.

"Ah, totally forgot. What is your name?"

"Which one?"

"Hm! Your name given by your owner."

" ...... Bryce......"

"Oh! Interesting one. Then ..... goodnight, Bryce! Lights off." and everything got black.

I was standing still for a minute, watching her to sleep. She did not care, that I was here in the same room as her.

"Are you afraid?" I asked her curious of her answer.

"No. Why should I be?"

"Staying in the same room with a murderous robot. ..... You should be careful. You might not know what can happen." I gave her a hateful look, but of course, she did not see it in complete darkness.

She let out a barely audible chuckle and went silent. I went to sit on a couch. I felt quite sleepy myself and laid down my body.

The total darkness must be outside as well. I wonder what Kyra is doing right now. Is she in her own apartment or in her dad's place? She must feel scared and alone. I feel so empty without her near me. My emotions are raging inside of me trying to find their place in my mind. I have never been away from her for so long and it is hard for me to contain the feelings inside of me. I feel a need to let them out, to get rid of them. I don't enjoy being mad and angry, but I cannot help myself. I don't know how. If only I wouldn't have attacked Kyra, than we would be still together, in her apartment, and I would see her shy smile every time she looked at me. Her beautiful blue eyes looking in to mine and calming my emotional turmoil. Her beating heart in her small body, which I could hear from afar.

It was all my fault, only mine and now I have to pay for it, being away from her, for who knows how long. Kyra.... Kyra ... I need you! I could feel a strong pain inside of me, so foreign, so strange, never felt before. I slip into darkness, while thinking about her and a day I will see her again.

.... Kyra.....

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