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.... previously ....

(in a story "A living THING")

After a virus infected robot attack, Kyra's Elkwood's father buys for her a most advanced robot - a bodyguard to protect her from other infected robot encounters. Kyra has a strong fear of human machines, because of her mothers death, who was killed by one. She tries her hardest to find her inner piece, while living with one very handsome, but threateningly looking android.

Everybody falls in love with him, as soon as they set eyes on this new machine called Bryce. Slowly Kyra notices strange behaviors in him. Something that not suppose to be characteristic to a robot, more to a human, but everybody else fails to notice it.

Meanwhile more infected robots appear in Amber city, their violent behavior leading to innocent human deaths. Somehow Kyra has a feeling, that her own robot is infected too. More time passes and more weirder her android gets.

After a night out with her dear friends Sharlene and Laura, Kyra gets in dangerous situation with a local gang. Luckily she is saved from near death by her bodyguard, but Bryce is not the same, does not look the same nor behaves the same. He kills the attackers with no struggle and proceeds to get his hands on his owner too. Her bodyguard gets hold of her and does not let go, while Kyra is panicking for her life. He knocks her out.

Hearing the story from their friends perspective, it appeared, that Bryce did not want to harm her or make her scared, but he did kill people. A new flare of fear takes over her. Kyra has to start everything all over, to make herself trust him again.

In a moment of fear and no escape they share their feelings to each other, after Bryce have been sent for SEB virus testing. The results are negative and her robot says her the same, that he is not infected, but at this point Kyra knows, that he is. She keeps her suspicions to herself. Both of them slowly starts to trust each other again. Aware of his state, Kyra notices that Bryce can feel - feel the touch, the pain, emotions. All because of the SEB virus, which gives robot a chance to feel and have consciousness - separate from their programmed one.

Bryce have had special feelings for his owner for a long time and now he starts to express them towards her.

Kyra' s heart feels the same way, but her mind does not want to accept the fact that Bryce is capable of feeling love for her. A huge argument breaks up and unintentionally, he attacks Kyra. Desperate and fearing for her life, she calls for help and sends him back to the company, that made him, to remove him from service due to an infection. No one is fully aware of the state he is in and how far the infection has progressed. Bryce puts back on his normal behavior and does not receive the harsh treatment from the capturing team, as the infected should get. They are oblivious of the danger everybody is in.

The discovery of the SEB virus in him, makes another innocent human loose his life. And now Bryce have to face the consequences. But nothing will stop him from going back to his owner and nothing will change his feelings for Kyra.


CyRo - Head Of SEB Containing Program, POV

Today I am gonna receive SEB infected robot. Some time ago, we got the call from somebody about the attack. Our rescuing team should be back with it soon. I just wonder, what it's gonna be? Probably nothing new to me. Some infected robot and I hardly doubt, it is even CyRo origins. I have received some specimens before, but they all looked.... just normal, there was nothing visually indicating their state of infection. There must be something, something visible to it. I have that feeling, I know, but we have not seen it yet. They all come partly destroyed and I don't have a time to scramble through their jumbled parts to find infected one. Mostly virus is located in their main microchip, but who knows, one day we might find it somewhere else in their bodies.

The door behind me opens and I see a one of rescuing teem members, with a robot - big one. Is it CyRo model? I wait for them to come closer, as they are 30 meters away from me at this point.

This place is spacious, like a separate warehouse. I have few rows of robotic parts here, but not so many as in warehouse floors bellow. A desk is located near a wall with computer systems. Wide space is separating the rows of mechanical parts and a station, were I do my examinations. The room is very bright, in white colors, contrasting with dark metallic robot parts hanging in rows.

I notice, this robot is not constricted with any kind of equipment. Are they really dumb? If he is infected, they should take extreme precocious steps capturing them. And why there is only one member is escorting it?

"Hey, what is a meaning of this!" I shout to a man. "Why is he not bound in any way and why are you alone?"

"He... He seems OK. The young lady was the one who called, but when we arrived, he was just chilling there. And he came willingly with us. No protesting and objecting. I don't see a need to restrict him."

"Dumb ass! Still you have to do, what protocol says." Idiots, total idiots.

As they have almost reached me, I take a notice of this robot. Seems like I have seen him somewhere before. Few more steps and finally I see his face clearly. Now I remember. Model SCS-6.

"Oh. This one. I understand you now, why you did not constrict him. He is fucking harmless. He have been here so many times before. I am tired of this. That stupid woman doesn

't know when to stop. Just wasting our time."

"Can I leave him here?"

"Yeah, go ahead! I don't need you."

A man leaves this room and I am left alone with this harmless machine. His face is still, like allways, nothing abnormal.

"So, we see each other again. What's the problem? Does your owner got delusional again? Stupid woman, right? Why didn't you not tell her to drop this nonsense? Wasting our precious time with false calls."

The huge robot did not answer me, just looked straight in my eyes.

"Let me take a camera. I will check up on you, just in case. Sit there, while I prepare myself! And remove your clothing!"

He shifts his body to the table and sits down. I am still totally annoyed. It is the third time, he have been here, with the same problem - SEB infection. We tested him the first time for many hours and there was nothing that indicated even a slightest possibility of the virus. Second time she came to us with some imaginary symptoms and now - he attacked her. Ridiculous. I turned on my camera and started to document this case.

"Tuesday, 9 pm. Received call from one of our clients, robot attack." I walked around the android. "No visible indications of infection. His appearance - calm, complying. No resistance of any kind. Previously been through special SEB testing. Been brought for check ups, nothing abnormal discovered. Seems to be a false call or a prank. Going to check his inner system."

Standing behind the android I pushed a sensory button on his naked upper back. I saw a small twitch go through his body, but I paid no attention to it. Two panels came open.

"Holly shit! What the hell is this?"

I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw.... I saw his back full of blood vessels, cris-crossing the metal parts inside of him. I could see a blood flowing inside of them. How is that even posible? How did he get these? On some parts I noticed a newly formed muscle tissue and barely visible tendon fragments. My mind couldn't comprehend this. Is it SEB virus or what? I backed off from him as he was still siting on a examining table.

"They have to see this!" I said quietly to myself.

In seconds his body was turned towards me and his huge hand came straight to my neck. His face completely different from his previous appearance, twisted in anger. I feel his fingers cut deeper into my neck and the air is completely denied for my lungs. I try to pry his hands off and free myself, throwing punches in his way. But there is no point to my week ones, as his strong grip tightens stronger around my neck. A barely audible word escapes my throat: "Why!"

"You saw, what you did not need to see!" was the robot's growling answer.

I felt my legs loose the touch of the ground beneath me, as he lifted me up in the air. I felt my neck vertebrae crack and sudden blackness consumed me.

Bryce's POV.

I felt a satisfying crack of his neck and dropped him on the ground next to my feet. He was done. That arrogant prick. It angered me so much, the way he talked about Kyra. She is not stupid and dumb. She is even smarter than this piece of meat on the floor. She was the only person, who partly new, what was happening to me, not even professionals could detect my infection. It took me my whole strength to keep my raging emotions inside of me and not to make them visible on my face as I was sitting on this table before.

For this, I will definitely get in trouble. There is no way, I can get through this unnoticed and unpunished. Kyra... I need her... I have to get back to her, before I am really captured and disposed off. Just one last time.

A subtle sound of footsteps echo behind me somewhere deeper in a warehouse. I turn around and see a woman in a white lab coat with dark red flowing hair. With glasses and a tiny box in her hands. Another one of these annoying humans. My rage flares with a new power and I walk towards her. She just looks at me, no fear visible in her face. Her eyes shining with a slight excitement. What is she excited about? Dying? Well, that is what she will get. A few steps is separating us, as she shouts to me quietly.

"Stop! I mean no harm to you. Please, don't hurt me!"

"Why would I consider such option? You are still one of them. You have to die!"

"No, no! I am not. I am not one of CyRo." I stop in my tracks, but don't take my eyes away from her. "Are you a robot? Infected one?"

"What if I am?"

"I... I can help you. Help you to get away from here, somewhere safe."

"Why would I trust you?"

"Trust me. I promise, there is a reason. Just come with me."

I eyed her for a minute. Is she really telling the truth. I don't see anything in her that would indicate, she is lying.

I close a panel on my back, reaching with my hand to touch the sensory button. I did not bother to close it straight away after I killed that man.

"Give me a minute."

I turn back to a dead body on the floor. His camera is still running. If I leave this place safely, I have to leave a message for my Kyra. I bend down, so the camera is facing me, which is still attached to dead man's head. It pains me, that I cannot go straight to her, but soon, soon I will take her with me.

"I am coming for you, Kyra!"

I still feel the anger inside of me as I say these words - towards everybody right now and towards myself in regards of Kyra. I am mad at myself, because I did horrible things to her.

I turn back to face this mysterious woman.

"What is your name?"

"Natalie.... Natalie Leary."

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