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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Jenny seemed to be handling things a bit better. Of course, having assumed the mantle of the caretaker of the family, the older sister was perhaps a little tougher, perhaps more world-wise than Danny. He saw the Gimp sitting there with apparent indifference, watching the others and maybe wondering why he wasn't dead yet. Marsh'k lifted the mug, sniffed it, thought it smelled funny and just put it down again. Well, after all, who knows how coffee would affect Ruminarii physiology? Did they even have caffeine in Ruminarii-ville? Maybe he'd start melting or turn inside out, hey – maybe he'd even get drunk on it. That could be rather funny.

Beck caught Agent Winter's expression as she watched Danielle. It seemed to him to be a mixture of sympathy and… what? Envy? Then his gaze fell on her specifically. Beautiful, quiet, controlled. Tough on the inside – and yet strangely vulnerable. This last day had been a funny rollercoaster ride. She was sitting beside him on the other couch opposite Jenny and the others. She seemed to be thinking deep thoughts behind that oil painting mask of hers. It was a little surreal with the dead guys still lying in their presence.

"What do you think?" He asked her. She straightened herself up, and then finally holstered her sidearm.

"I think it's time you and I went outside for a little talk."

"So what do you want to do?" Beck asked, sitting on the steps up the front porch a few minutes later. "How do we handle this?"

Mei was standing at the bottom step, her face a blank as she scratched in the dry earth with her black hiking boots, highlighting the curves of her legs for him. The sun was past midday, it was heading for 4pm already.

ng around."

He nodded. Of all of them, she would know best how to 'clean' a crime scene. She had been in the business, after all. After a few hours of work, the blood soaked carpet in the lounge would be rolled up and in the back of the SUV, along with the three corpses and all their effects. The SUV could be disposed of, as far away from the ranch as possible. A big fire should do it, she reckoned. A nice hot one. Flesh and materials burn. Plastic melts. There would be no evidence linking them to the Grauffis sisters. She and Gary would see to that. The house would be spick-and-span and look as though nothing had happened – thanks mainly to Danielle's superlative housekeeping skills. The deaths of those three men would just be another unsolved mystery, a car wreck in the middle of nowhere with three burned-out skeletons and a couple of hunks of melted plastic in it. He wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being filed under 'accidental deaths'. Then Mei could call off the search for the Gimp, and perhaps, with luck, nobody else need die. It was almost too perfect for words. Which is exactly what bothered him.

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