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   Chapter 39 No.39

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"Him, actually, since you ask." He replied, surveying the obvious carnage. The carpet had actually changed color in places, from fluffy caramel to a muddy scarlet. There were at least two dead bodies in the lounge, and two live ones… girls – uh women – and the alien. And something smelled funny.

"You'd think she'd be grateful to see us." Said Cindy-Mei, Glock in hand, from the other entrance that led to the kitchen, behind her.

"Looks like our Gimp friend's been on a bit of a killing spree – there's another meat loaf lying in the kitchen."

Jenny Grauffis gave her a look that suggested she was wondering whether she lived in a railway station. She didn't know the woman, but she knew Beck the Badfeller (who on Deanna didn't?) – and she knew he often worked with law-enforcement.

"Look, " said Jenny. "I know how this looks, but if you just let me explain. Beck, isn't it? I know you from around town, you I don't know lady, but if you just listen –"

Marsh'k stood still, merely spectating in his silent mode. This place was getting rather interesting. Humans were clearly rather adept at killing each other too. It showed definite promise. Perhaps his stay was not going to be such a good thing after all.

"Ok." Said Beck, still covering the room with his weapon, eyeing them. He gestured at Marsh'k with the ten-mil. "But first he drops all his hardware."

"Nobody gets hurt?"

"You have my word." He promised, glancing over to Winter, who nodded agreement.

Jenny went slowly

dancing lessons!" He jibed, mostly for his own amusement. "Why?"

"They were bad men." Jenny interrupted, pleading his case. "They were going to kill us, but they were going to have their 'fun' with us first. They got what they deserved!"

"I want to hear it from him."

Marsh'k paused a moment before answering.

"It iss ass sshe ssaid."

Danielle was silently pouring coffee all-round, casting furtive glances at their strange house guests – particularly Marsh'k. She'd cleaned herself up a little, gone upstairs to change. She was wearing a pair of bell-bottom jeans now, with embroidery along the bottom. Soft-soled sports shoes had replaced the stilettos, and the torn blouse had been superseded by a pretty blue t-shirt. Her make-up was gone, washed away and her beautiful black curls tied back. Beck realized she'd been through a hard time, with those ruffians harassing her like that. She was reacting just like any girl would. Surprise, surprise, he thought. What else would she be?

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