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   Chapter 37 No.37

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5626

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"Itss not … a fighting – blade." Marsh'k hissed in his fork-tongue accent. "But it whhiill do."

Tense seconds died painfully. Danielle was still in the center of the floor between them – panicked, terrified and frozen – and bordering on something possibly worse. Jenny Grauffis, panicking, reached out to her from the sofa, pleading with her eyes.

"Come here, Danny!" She called tensely. "Danny!"

Danielle turned slowly, wide-eyed, making little whimpering noises – as though she were willing her frozen feet to move. She didn't know much about these things, but she was sure all hell was about to break loose – and she was standing right between Good and Evil – or possibly, Evil and Even Worse. She could feel the weight of the stares passing by her, the pressure of the blaster muzzle where the sighting mechanism drifted across her skin from four feet away. Her eyes flashed across the short distance between Silvestri and her possible rescuer – who didn't look like a man, not like any man she'd seen – but then Silvestri wasn't a man either, not in her book anyway. A real man didn't go round hurting innocent people.

Jenny knew this could go either way. She didn't know where the alien had come from or how he'd found them, but she was sure glad to see him. It meant there was someone there who might just help them get out of this – and right now, she figured, they could use all the help they could get. Right now they were both in harm's way – but Danny even more so. Silvestri wasn't about to back down, he wasn't the type – too much testosterone and not enough brain cells to handle it. As far as he was concerned, she and Danny were just handy obstacles and pract

ul kick to his midriff, and the blaster went flying. The dude caught her foot, twisted it over. Instead of losing balance, she followed the motion, twisting in mid-air, and delivered a second kick to his face, before landing in the wild grass. Undeterred, the guy stepped into her, and punched her so hard that she flipped over backwards and sprawled face-first in the dirt. She rose up on all fours, and shook her head. Clearly feminine wiles were not going to have any effect in this case.

Then Beck, a.k.a. the Badfeller, tackled him, but that as it turned out appeared to be a mistake of note. This fella was stronger than he looked, and grabbed him by the neck, pinning him to the ground with both hands. He was also pretty sure the guy had his knee jammed into his crotch. At least, he hoped it was his knee. He was putting the squeeze on him, and no mistake. The pressure around his throat was unbelievable and he could feel the life fading out of him, breathing was near-impossible – and just as his life began flashing before his eyes, it dawned on him that it had been filled with moments just like this one.

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