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   Chapter 36 No.36

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* * *

The trail Beck and Agent Winter had followed for the last few hours was a winding one, a back track through the nowhere that ran between farms and ranches. It was a shortcut used by ranchers and travelers who just wanted to see where they'd end up. Dirt-bike enthusiasts would sometimes race along it in packs. It was deserted today. Still nothing on the perp-scanner. So far the only life readings they'd registered were sand-rats and red-horned wildebeest. Beck pulled up at the top of a small rise. They could see the surrounding country spreading all around them like it was a map.

"Let's take a look." He suggested, reaching for his binoculars. She got out and joined him, standing in front of the vehicle. He was looking through the glasses, surveying the horizon.

"So, " He asked. "You have a boyfriend? Is there a Mister Winter?"

She smiled innocently, sidestepping the question. "There a Mrs. Beck the Badfeller?"

He passed them to her, grinning. There was a ranch house far in the distance. It looked a little bigger through the lenses.

"Farmhouse?" She asked.

"Yup." Beck replied. "Belongs to the Grauffis family. What's left of them."

"I take it there's a story in there somewhere." She surmised.

"There always is." He said. "Two sisters. At least, one of them thinks he is."

Seeing her momentary look of puzzlement, he elaborated a little.

as scanning the tree line right to left.

"What's strange about it?" She asked, producing her Glock, and arming it. "The road block, or the potential for ambush?"

"Well, " Beck smiled at her as he popped his door open, "That, or the fact that some farmers round here are so rich they can afford gates that look like fancy SUV's."

Of course, Beck knew very well that the Grauffis ranch was not wealthy enough for that – and something told him that Winter knew that too. Besides, the SUV was real and shiny – but far too much of an eyesore.

"Anyone tell you you're way too cynical and suspicious, Agent Winter?"

"A few, " She smiled back at him, in a smarty-pants sort of way. "But they're all dead now."

* * *

"Well, aren't you a long way from home!" Silvestri blustered, trying to recover the advantage. He might as well be trying to skate uphill. "Looks like lizard-boy brought a knife to a gunfight."

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