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   Chapter 35 No.35

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"Eleven." Said Jake Herzog, smiling faintly as though this sort of thing was nothing new to him. "Twelve after this. Hey, a man's gotta have his hobbies… whatever floats your boat."

"Mike over there has an expensive drug habit. I'm sure you will appreciate that such fine hobbies can't be sustained on a salary of peanuts or washers…. And for us to get what's due to us, you have to get what's due to you." He walked over to Danny, stroking her pretty face with the coarse back of his huge hairy hand before grabbing her roughly by the jaw. "Do you believe in God, Daniel?"

She nodded, and a tear – more from anger than anything else, rolled from her burning eyes onto his hand. Jenny seethed silently beside her.

"Yes – I do." She hissed, "And my name is Danielle."

The name thing again, Jenny cringed inwardly, realizing that they were in for a rough ride. She and Danielle both. Silvestri chuckled evilly.

"Then, once it's all over, you and your sister will be in heaven with your family – and we –" he laughed, shoving her roughly backwards, "will be here – mining the rich Lantillium vein under your land. It's not all that bad. In the end, we all get what we want."

He smiled, like a lizard might, after catching a juicy fly on the wing.

"It's not an easy job, mining." He explained. "The Lantillium on Deanna is usually so deep it becomes almost unprofitable to mine that far down. Except for one place on the entire planet – right here. The vein is less than a kilometer down, makes strip-mining possible – and there's enough to last us for at least thirty years. Do you know what Lantillium is used for?"

They didn't. They'd never even heard of it. Come to think of it, neither had I, until now.


worst judgment, taken the plunge and made after the human female after all, following the winding rocky dirt road to the dwelling, and taken note of the proceedings through a ground floor window. Once he had made up his mind to act, all Marsh'k had to do was confirm the positions of the aggressors – and then determine the correct moment to attract their attention. It had been a simple matter to enter through the back door, which was unlocked, and led him into a room which could be either a torture chamber – or a kitchen. (Ruminarii typically find it hard to tell the difference. For example, there is a Ruminarii idiom which roughly translated goes: 'One's kitchen is another's torture chamber.') He decided it was a kitchen, considering the typical nature of humans – soft and good and typically weak-willed. Then again, that was the assumption brought about by blatant propaganda. What he'd seen on this world was the complete opposite. Anyway, there was a glaring absence of restraint straps on the table and no blood pan beneath it. All of the above notwithstanding, a kitchen is good for many things. He was sure to find a bigger knife here.

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