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   Chapter 34 No.34

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Meanwhile, from his vantage point, he'd seen the human female arrive at the parked vehicle. This was an alien world, but he knew that ambushes remained ambushes, even if they carried labels that read 'polony tree' – and to him the whole thing had looked like an ambush. Particularly the bit where the male had distracted her attention long enough for the other male to slip around the other side of her quaint vehicle and then hold her at gunpoint. It didn't really bother him, but he did find it interesting that, despite the obvious differences, humans were not that different to him. On the other hand, this was the enemy of his people – a people that had defeated and humiliated a whole generation of Ruminarii warriors – including his grandparents – and had shamed his whole race. And yet, something inside him told him that this one human – a member of the race that had bested his ancestors attempt to conquer and rule them, had not tried to kill him when he was at her mercy, but took pity on him and given him water. Even he wasn't too foolish or proud to recognize that she clearly had the chance to do so. He hadn't escaped her – she had let him go. It bothered him. He had his own survival to think about, he decided. But what was his life worth now? To his people? Nothing, he decided. To himself? Well, he didn't want to die! But what was he supposed to do now? Why should he care anyway? It was too good for her if she was foolish enough to be caught so easily. He stood up, and turned to get his bearings before moving on.

* * *

Danielle Grauffis was just 19 years old and cut a pretty figure in her short denim skirt and blue-and-white stripy top as she finished the vacuu


She screamed. The two of them were forced into the sitting room area, where they were thrown onto a sofa. There were three big and nasty looking men there. All wore dark suits, fancy shoes and hats. Danielle recognized them as the mining men.

"What do you want?" She demanded.

"I think that's obvious, young lady – or should I say – young man." Silvestri said in an unpleasant tone. "The Corporation made you people a fair offer, one your parents – God rest their souls – turned down. They uh, passed away and left the farm to your brother – who also failed to see the advantages of the offer we made him. Now, after five years of fruitless negotiations, this land will finally pass to us. No more heirs, no more pointless badgering you people to sell."

"What kind of man" Jenny asked through clenched teeth, "Commits murder for a piece of land?"

"The kind of man who knows he can get away with it!" Edos grinned, and then roared with laughter. "The kind of man, dear lady – who appreciates the finer things in life. Take Mr Herzog over there – he likes antique bikes – has a collection of – how many, Jake?"

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