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   Chapter 32 No.32

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"So tell me, " he said, trying to strike up a conversation, "You ever use that thing?"

She glanced down at her side arm in its holster at her side.

"You mean aside from the shooting range?" She smiled, her pretty pink lips glistening with lip gloss. He grinned back at her. She thought he seemed to be quite a nice guy – capable – but nice. Not bad looking either. The conversation so far, at least on either ends of the awkward silences, had been pretty good – if not impersonal and cordial. Sometimes it took a long time for Mei to start liking someone, and then again it could take a few minutes. Depending on who she was stuck in a small room with at the time, of course. Who knew if she could really like Gary Beck at all in the long run? She was tired still. The previous night had not been fun. Well, maybe a little, she admitted. She felt like she had a purpose in life again. It made a change from just observing life happening to other people. She watched him driving, keeping his eyes on the so-called road. It was little more than a dirt track! He seemed to be responding to her pretty well though. Then again, he didn't know. There was no telling how 'nice' he would be if he did. No rush, she decided. Time will tell – and hey, she was supposed to be on holiday!

"Gary." He insisted for the umpteenth time. "Well, did you?"

"A few times. In a previous life."

Beck smiled at the evasive reply. She seemed nice enough. But he was no fool. He knew he was a man, and by nature men had two minds – and were not endowed with enough blood to operate both simultaneously. Most men anyway. He knew she was attractive. Damn! Yes, but he'd kept his eyes on the road for most of t

here staring after him like an idiot. Yes, he was going to find a nice quiet spot somewhere on this world and settle down. He was going to get a job – heck, maybe several interesting jobs, meet some interesting people, make friends with the nice ones, and yup, maybe even put down some roots.

* * *

Driving back towards the house, Jenny pondered the encounter. A Gimp lost in the wilderness, dressed like a local. An actual Ruminarii. How about that? The attack on Atro City had been on the news that morning early, and she had heard about it. She hadn't heard about any Gimp survivors. Well, she could've caught him, shot him even – plenty of the city folk would've done that. They wouldn't have batted an eyelid at the thought… And their neighbors would've bought them a round of drinks at the Rat's Ass Pub & Grub and called them a hero for it. Why should she have? She had no quarrel with the ma- creature – thing. He hadn't harmed her; in fact he had been at her mercy. Even a military court would've objected to the unwarranted killing of a military prisoner, even presumably a Gimp. At least, she hoped they would.

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