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   Chapter 31 No.31

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'Ha! Ha!" It cried, indicating the origin of its name – eyeing the surroundings with its shiny blue eyes. Ha-ha birds were the only bird known on Deanna (or anywhere else) to be afraid of heights (which is supposedly why it is the only known bird that could actually crap itself while in full flight. They were also known as the clumsiest creatures on the planet – but they were good at just one thing – flying into things. They were very good at that.

The ha-ha bird slowly lost its grip on the wire, which was still covered in cold drops of morning dew, and started a slow diagonal slide earthwards. It managed to keep its poise, but gradually lost its balance before swinging over until it dangled upside down. "Ha!" it cried in embarrassment while swinging to and fro, just as an electric jeepo hummed past at the head of a dust cloud.

Just as well she had dosed her skin with some extra sun protection before leaving her room that morning, Cindy-Mei thought. The glare through the windows of Beck's jeepo was murderous. They'd been on the (cough) 'road' for several hours now, traveling mostly in silence. They'd occasionally seen the small aerospace fighters of the Imperial starships circling around, looking for any sign of the escapee. She hoped they wouldn't beat them to it.

This little alliance between her and Mr. Beck was based on the simple principle of personal gain – and of course, the principle of 'what he didn't know wouldn't hurt her'. Beck the Badfeller would get the financial reward of finding the Gimp. Consid

ed about trucks or jeepo's traveling at high speed.

Gary Beck – the other half of the reason for the prolonged silence in the jeepo, was driving – although that wasn't the reason for his silence. Gary liked women – a lot… but not bossy ones. He didn't like bossy men either, but at least he could hit them without losing any sleep about it. Agent Winter didn't turn out to be bossy in the way that he had originally summed her up. In fact he was beginning to think of her as a pleasant person to be around, and a girl who knew how to use a wheel wrench and jack and who could recognize a spare tire nine times out of ten, definitely scored a few points with him.

It seemed to him that if she wanted something, she would be the sort to just insinuate that she needed it. Men would just naturally fall over themselves to please her. Knowing this, he felt empowered. It gave him perhaps a small advantage – it meant that saying 'no' on occasion would frustrate her into doing things for herself. Or at least so he thought.

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