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   Chapter 25 No.25

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"Sure thing, Sheriff."

"Yeah… about that…. there a bounty for the one that got away?" Beck inquired. She gave him a weak tired smile.

"And I thought you came round just to check up on me!" She teased. "Yeah, sure – I guess. Don't know how much yet, but I think it'll be a fair size this time. You interested?"

"Is Cardinal Mactavish Puritan?" He jibed. "I'm glad you're ok though. I'd hate it if something were to happen to you."

"Thanks. It almost did." She said, pointing out a large and vicious looking piece of military hardware lying on the counter. It looked like a gattling gun crossed with a rocket launcher. There was a shoulder-strap still attached.

"See this?" She asked.

Beck nodded. "Brackmeister BM120 Sweeplaser. Starmarine assault teams use them – sparingly, I'm told. Why?"

"Little Sonny-Joe over there in number 10 nearly took my head off with it last night."

A strange little man was standing behind the bars of cell number 10, leering. He looked like an accountant, except that would mean most accountants went around in torn, bloodstained business suits. He also wore the remains of a tie around his head, Rambo-style, and had two black eyes, some bruises and minor cuts and scrapes. Despite his obvious physical discomfort, he had a frozen grin on his face, and a wild look that suggested he'd tasted something unbelievably awesome and would do anything to get more of it. Any… thing. Yuh… basket case, Beck thought – tough week at the office – and now this. Regular jobs were just so hard on som

aper lay opened on the desk. It was the Ramalama Ringer – the local tabloid, the morning edition. In large bold letters, the headline read 'DEANNA SAVED BY FALLING SHERRY!' Another paper lying beside it proclaimed 'FALLING SHERRY GIVES GIMP HANGOVER!" That one was the Atro City Tribune. The Atro City Herald had 'GIMP GET PLASTERED!' as its front page article.

The figure in the chair swiveled round to face them. It was a blond woman. No, scratch that – a shapely, attractive blond woman – in black lycra. She smiled at them. She had an off-world kind of look to her and a pretty mouth, he decided.

"Is this him?" She asked in a pleasant voice. Peg nodded tiredly. Beautiful brown eyes too. No, he corrected himself, as they made brief eye contact – they were hazel.

"Mr Beck." Mei greeted casually. "Or do you prefer to be called 'Beck the Badfeller'?"

He cleared his throat, before answering: "Beck is okay, I guess. Sure beats the hell out of 'you dirty bastard' or some of the other things people call me."

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