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   Chapter 24 No.24

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"For real?" Gary asked numbly.

"I'm not shitting you!" Krugher protested, pointing at the gaping hole where his home used to be. "Sure as hell didn't pull this outta my ass! Still, it seems one o'them Ruminarii fellers got away. They're out lookin' for him."

John Krugher suddenly started laughing. Beck wanted to ask him to cackle softer, but just closed his eyes and held the back of his head in case it fell off.

"Just remembered – I had life insurance on Mildred!" He smirked, giving Gary a conspiratorial wink. "I'se gonna be a rich feller!"

Hmmm. Maybe Gary Beck wasn't a businessman, exactly – but certain key phrases sort of penetrated his consciousness now and then. 'Got away' was one of them. 'Looking for' was another. It usually meant that whatever or whoever got away, there was someone who would most likely pay a reward or fee to find it or them again. He thought of his bounties as finder's fees. The thought that was surfacing through the fog was that the bounty on that one was going to be pretty big.

"Excuse me, " He told Krugher. "I think I hear some credits calling me."

* * *

Captain Bran Johannsen hadn't been aware that hangovers came in the size of the one he'd woken up with that morning. He also had no explanation for how he had obviously curled up and slept in the fountain on the rec-dec the previous evening. (The fish weren't too happy about it either.)

Imagine his shock when he woke up, using lily pads as a blanket and a Bruzalian Sponge for a pillow and had to invent a plausible explanation off the cuff for his Exec, a freckly 19-year old g

The whole city's a mess! Well, a bigger mess than usual!"

"You mean you don't know?"

"I heard a few things. Tell me the official version."

"You look like hell – you get bombed last night?"

"Honey, you have no idea." He smiled, remembering his journey into the center of the Ea- Deanna – and then gritted his teeth as his head resumed thumping.

"'K." She retorted sarcastically. "Gimp Hammerhead dropped ten bombs on the city late last night before landing at the spaceport. Think they were going to invade us. It's been a hell of a night. The Space Fleet ships arrived just a few hours ago. Four of them got here when it was all over."

"Yeah, I saw a few of their fighters buzzing around just now."

A deputy walked past carrying something that looked like a banged-up helmet. It was occupied.

"Where d'ya want it?" He asked.

"Put it on the pile, cell 12" She directed nonchalantly. "Send the head back to the icehouse with the rest of the body parts. It smells bad enough around here already with all the innards and stuff on the armor."

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