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   Chapter 23 No.23

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"I'm not complaining." Said Cindy-Mei. "That is, unless you're too tired to cooperate."


"I'm with the CIA." Said Cindy-Mei. "Special Agent Winter. Colonial Intelligence Agency."

"Geez, you guys are fast." She said, leaning as far back as her chair would allow. "You know this was going to happen, or –"

"Actually I'm here on holiday." Mei explained in a genteel voice, allowing herself a little smile. "At least, I was."

"What do you want?"

"One of them got away. A Gimp." She explained. "He was last seen heading out of town."

"Probably won't last long round here, kinda easy to spot. Don't look like us. In case you haven't noticed, Gimps aren't too popular round here at the moment. Someone'll get him."

"I need a tracker, someone who can help me bring him in alive. I need the best one you have."

"That's easy." Said Peggy-Ann, not even missing a beat. "Beck. He's the best – that is, if he's still alive."

* * *

Gary Beck was still alive. He knew this, because he awoke with a headache. Last night had been fun. It was a blur and he couldn't clearly remember how he got home, or into his bed, but a few things stood out. Right on top of the list was the tenuous fact that he had got home, and (groping across the bed) he had done so alone. As usual. But it had been fun; he smirked, remembering the incident with the coffee table. The dreams he had after consuming copious amounts of alcohol were always something amazing. He wasn't quite sure what copious meant exactly, but he was sure it probably wasn't good for

sure no more surprises turn up."

"Surprises?" Beck repeated, as if he'd suddenly developed a dislike for the entire concept. He was squinting.

"Mister – did you even hear anything last night? You young fellers these days. Out partying till Lords know what times…"

Beck managed to shake his head, gently. His skull was going thump-thump-thump and he was in no mood for charades.

"What the hell happened?"

"Gimp ship came in last night, dropped some bombs – lucky I was out playing uno with the boys or I'd be the same place as my camper – wherever the hell that is."

"Gimp ship?" He echoed weakly, "Bombs?" He felt like he was still having one of those weird dreams you have after too much alcohol. In fact he was pretty sure of it. If any of this insanity happened to be true, he'd picked a hell of a day to wake up hung over!

"It's been on the news all night, feller.

The Gimps bombed the city, an' landed at the spaceport. Big mistake ha ha! The people got together and took 'em apart right there! Wiped them out!"

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