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   Chapter 22 No.22

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An hour later, another figure emerged from the shadows in the alleyway. Agent Winter noticed the naked dead guy sitting next to the garbage can in the devastated street. Hmm. Suspicious. So the Gimp was trying to disguise himself. Clever. She doubted dressing himself in human clothes would help much in daylight, which was rapidly approaching. The two local moons, Ding and Dong – no, damn, where was Ding? Dong was approaching the four am position already. She shook her head, her mind doing a flick-flack over that little conundrum. Dawn would be around five, so that didn't leave her much time. What was the most logical thing for a desperate fugitive alien to do in such a situation? Hide and wait it out? Not likely, there would be no point if there was no rescue forthcoming. Hide in the wild? Perhaps. That meant her quarry was headed out of town. Another hour or so and he'd be past the outskirts. The direction seemed about right. He already had about an hour's head start on her and that meant if she caught him up in the wilderness she'd have no back up. It would be smarter to go to plan 'B' – as soon as she could come up with one. Turning quietly, she melted back into the shadows.

* * *

Back in a stable orbit over Deanna – courtesy of the ships computer – Fred finally left the bridge, feeling rather satisfied with himself. Some new arrivals had just settled into an orbit over the planet as well.

ent, she had never seen carnage on the level of what she'd seen that night. In her eyes was the look of someone who thought the Gimps looked bad on the outside, but knew they looked even worse on the inside. If she closed her eyes, she could see the faces of the dead lying at her feet; hear their screams, and the sounds of gunshots and laser blasts. Which was why she still kept them open. She had just finished calls to the Planetary Governor, the Mayor and the Chief of Police – all after participating in the mayhem at the spaceport, not to mention a full day-shift before that. That she'd just had intelligent conversations with all three of them had been a feat of sheer determination, perseverance – and coffee.

"Rough day?" Came an unfamiliar silky feminine voice out of nowhere.

"Complaints and missing persons at the front desk." She murmured automatically, longingly pondering the rolled up blanket on the couch in the corner.

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