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   Chapter 21 No.21

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5559

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The warriors and the Atro City mob surrounding them eyed each other hungrily. The last surviving Captain-Corporal hissed menacingly, bringing his blood-smeared sword to the ready in a manner that could only be described as heroic and incredibly brave. A few gunshots rang out. Almost as one, screaming, the mob surged forward and ended it.

* * *

Agent Winter managed to move through the mob at the spaceport without incident. The party was over, and people were heading back out. Emergency service crew were yelling about needing help at the parts of the city that were bombed, and it looked like it was going to be a long night. News crews were out with cameras giving reports to the public in case anyone was watching. The Sheriff's exhausted deputies were hard at work, confiscating illegal-looking weapons at the exit and by the looks of it there was already a sizable pile. A burly looking deputy was standing guard over it with a confiscated military sweeplaser.

It took quite a bit of doing – but, motivated by intense curiosity, she eventually reached the tarmac. The way the Hammerhead just exploded like that was… amazing, she thought. Such a pretty fireworks display. Why it exploded, nobody seemed to know yet – but she was sure everybody was glad it did.

The fighting had been fierce and bloody. The last Gimp had fallen only fifteen minutes or so ago. A handful of Gimp had tried to surrender at the end, but were cut down by an overenthusiastic weekend warrior with a sweeplaser. Once the fighting had ended, the celebrating started. The unscathed survivors were celebrating. It was like Founders Day, only with slightly more casualties. It

the city devastated by one of the bombs his ship had dropped earlier. A building was blazing away in the distance, a victim of one of the secondary fires that spread after the initial detonation. He found a body lying in the street. By the look of it, it was about his size, so he dragged it aside into the shadows. A few minutes later, a figure reemerged from the blackness, dressed in jeans, boots and a tweed shirt and carrying a bundle. The funny headgear these creatures wore was soft and obviously offered no protection, but he put it on anyway because it would help to hide his face a little. He hissed with annoyance as it dropped over his head. He didn't have exterior ears like the former owner. So that's what they were for, he thought. He managed to get it to stay up by turning it slightly sideways, the scales of his skin offering tenuous grip to the hat rim. Satisfied, he moved on. As he passed a blazing doorway, he tossed the bundle through it. The fire would take care of his uniform, he reasoned – and perhaps buy him some time. He kept going, hoping he was heading towards the outskirts.

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