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   Chapter 19 No.19

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5511

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Halfway to the terminal building, the lead warriors suddenly paused and missed a step. In seconds all one thousand of them, armed with proton rifles, swords and various sharp implements, came to an uncertain and unexpected halt. So unexpected in fact, that the Battle-drill Sergeant had walked right into the back of the warrior in front of him, stubbed his knee and stood, hissing curses in the momentary silence. A short distance away, there was a mass of Humans – and they had also stopped, and they were angry. For the first time in a century, Human and Ruminarii faced each other on open ground. The sheer scale of things suddenly became clarified. The lines had been drawn, and silence fell as each group sized up the other.

One of the higher ranking Ruminarii at the front of the column gulped nervously. This was going horribly right. They were Ruminarii, the conqueror species! The conquer-ees were supposed to head for the hills, screaming in terror – not come to meet them at the airport in large numbers, fully armed! A few hundred meters away, surveying the situation through a monocular, it suddenly occurred to Marsh'k that the odds were perhaps not as bad as he'd thought – they were better. The mob were not soldiers, Marsh'k realized – he could see very few uniforms – so why weren't they running? Perhaps, Marsh'k thought, he should have dropped a few more bombs before landing? Like say, another thirty or so, and perhaps a nuke, just to soften them up a little bit more? He didn't like the look of this!

At the front of the Atro City line, Peg was feeling a little disoriented. She hadn't exactly pushed to get there, right up

othing but the night sky and a few cloud lit by the spaceport flood lights. Then, scraping brown goo off her face, she looked forward again – realizing she could see the shocked face of a Gimp looking at her through a large hole in the one in front of him – and the one in front of him. They fell over just as another funny looking old man waved a ridiculously large rifle in the air, shouting 'Yee-haa!" before reloading it with a large cartridge that implied the source of the hole. She managed to get one Gimp with her shotgun, following that up with several more till she had to switch to her blaster. An explosion a few meters away knocked a cluster of Gimp flat. More stormed in to fill the gap. Not far away, a member of the Skegg's Valley Dynamite Fishing club was pulling pins almost faster than he could get rid of the stun grenades, shouting 'Woohoo!" A whole bunch of people were dropping around her as a volley of ion bolts from the Gimp tore into them. Another forward push from behind and the angry Human mass surged past her. And so it went on, moment to moment. It was a slaughter.

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