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   Chapter 17 No.17

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5915

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Cindy-Mei Winter surveyed the chaos from the entrance of the resort, where she had entered feeling much softer and much more feminine only a few short hours ago. She felt rather more feline at the moment, now her blonde hair was gelled and tied back, ready for action. The black leather outfit was meant for going out in, for a club or party, not – well, heck, it was nighttime and she was technically going out.

The stiletto boots just made the outfit and Agent Winter never had the opportunity to dress like this on assignment. Well, there was this one time… Agent Winter started recollecting. Not now, Cindy-Mei thought back. The local radio net was carrying the story. So was the TV. An angry mob was rioting in the streets, heading in the direction of the spaceport, where a Ruminarii ship was rumored to have already landed. But how many Ruminarii ships were there? Even one would be bad news. She activated the Glock. It had been a while since she heard the warm hum of one powering up, especially so close to her ear. It gave her goose bumps. She was very much aware that just one of her wasn't going to make too much of a difference against hordes of Ruminarii. She would prefer to avoid the conflict, stay with the flock of chickens in the auditorium, but that core inside her, that which was Agent Winters – still agent Winters – couldn't. And Cindy-Mei too. She'd been through too much in her life to just run away and hide. She was going to do something about it. She wasn't going to just lie under the bed waiting for them to come and drag her away. She was going to make them pay for awakening the darkness within her when she had just managed to lay it to rest. She was going to make them wish they hadn't spoiled her holiday!

* * *

Riley was drivin

s. They were supposed to try to arrest suspects, not just go in blasters blazing and kill everything. After all, these were Gimp, for crying out loud. Hmm. She was going to make their day. "Let's go kick the Gimps' asses!" She ordered. "Try to avoid hitting civilians – Mack, that goes for you too – and no warning shots!"

In a few moments, the deputies were lost among them, little brown khaki-clad figures in a mad sea of uncivil vengeance as it broke on the white cliffs of the spaceport terminal.

* * *

The Skegg's Valley Dynamite Fishing Club managed to reach the spaceport terminal building just as the mob was converging on it as well. The Jeepo screeched to a halt against a parked taxi, and much to Smythe's relief, the jarring impact accompanied by the splintering sound of breaking glass, was actually smaller than half the bumps they endured through the city thanks to Riley's "driving". The whine of the electrics died and they suddenly heard the deafening drone of the mob in full cry as it began winding and threading its way into the building. Through the shattered windshield, he saw a vast sea of people, a few thousand at least. Angry, enraged people.

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