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   Chapter 16 No.16

Black Sunrise By Christina Engela Characters: 5581

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"Landing?" He said out loud, scarcely able to believe his eyes. But just one ship? Surely there would be more coming? If there was just one, and it landed here? The Sheriff's Department was not exactly an army, and not exactly large in number either – but what there was of them was now hotfooting it to the spaceport, trying to get organized on the way. A whole lot of enraged civilians who had been listening to the radio or watching TV had joined them so far, armed with everything they could get their hands on. Some had picked up military-spec energy weapons illegally and were pushing the legal right to bear arms to its limit.

"They're going to get killed!" He said, looking at Mary Jane. "It'll be murder!"

* * *

The auditorium was packed with cowering guests and staff, all in various states of undress and worry. Mei entered, dressed in her frilly baby blue nightgown and fluffy red slippers. The distant explosions had stopped, but it seemed chaos still reigned. A religious minister, presumably one of the locals, was trying to calm his new flock down. She could tell he was a minister because of the purple nightgown. No, sorry – that was his… uniform. If it was a habit, then it was a bad one. It had little gold crosses all over it. She'd read the local church was something like the old Puritans, except they were a little more camp. Rather pretentious too. And frivolous.

She brushed past the preacher, who she noticed was in a somewhat agitated state. She smelled garlic. It might be effective if they were under attack by vampires, but no, it wouldn't work against Corsair raiders or alien invaders. No, sorry that was the previous nights supp

sider everywhere, even when she was on the inside. Agent Winter was saying, Now isn't the time to be a sissy. Later maybe, but not now.

Going over to the traveling trunk, she punched a code into its command interface. A small hidden panel slid open in the back and she reached slowly inside. Her hand looked small and awkward, as it came back out holding the Glock 30, though the blackness of it offset her long delicate red nails nicely. She caught her reflection in the full-length mirror against the wall. Frills and thrills, she thought. Fluffy slippers and a blaster. Hmm. Perhaps something in black?

* * *

Parts of Atro City were on fire. Years of exposure to the hot sun had dried out all the natural timbers used to build most of the houses in the suburbs. The trees and lawns were dry and burst into flame readily. Gas supply lines ruptured by the blasts added to the chaos. Power lines broken by the explosions fell and set more fires. At filling stations, hydrogen fuel tanks exploded, making matters even more entertaining. Everywhere, crabby-grass fled, little blazing torches on tiny legs.

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